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“Chuma Chenu Ki Motoni!”, School Heads Warned.

The Ministry of Education has sounded a stern warning to inept and corrupt heads of public schools misappropriating the Free Primary and Secondary Education kitty that their days were numbered as the war on the vice would sweep across the service.

Speaking at a function in Kandara constituency over the weekend, The Director of Basic Education Mr.Haba S. Abdi also cautioned members of the schools Board of Management (B.O.M.) who colluded with Principal and Headteachers of secondary and primary schools respectively to swindle the government allocation to their schools that this year things would be very tough for them.

The director said that the skeleton in the closet and the mess in our schools was the main reason teachers dreaded the impromptu visits to schools by the Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Okeng'o Matiang'i.

“We cannot be a nation that allocates sh. 48billion annually but have nothing to show for it. Are these resources being put into proper use if 13 years down the line for primary and 8 years for secondary, the learner: book ratio is not yet 1:1? This is one of the reasons for poor exams results in schools. It is so disturbing! This trend will not be entertained this year. Ule mtego tumemwekea mwaka huu mtaona!” said Abdi.

He warned that no school was allowed to charge any extra fees that had no authority from the Director of Education and approved by the cabinet secretary.

“You principals, I have a big problem with you. Every time a parent pays school fees you issue a receipt to acknowledge the same. Why don’t you do the same when the government pays sh. 12,870 for every child?”

Sighting The Thika Superhighway as a landmark legacy that the immediate Former President Emilio Mwai Kibaki will ever be remembered for, Abdi challenged the heads to leave an outstanding legacy in their schools that will always be remembered years to come. He equated the learners to some beautiful flowers adding that if at all they were not watered, they would wither and dry up eventually, thus the need to check their educational progress.

He therefore appealed to all stakeholders to join hands and work hard to see that education in their area succeeded.

“There is no better life for this children without education. Without it we are just like animals. You people (stakeholders) have a great responsibility otherwise, very soon Central Kenya Region will be overtaken by the rest of the country. As for you the school heads, wacheni kulegalega! What is your Thika superhighway in the school you lead, a D+?” he posed.

He raised concerned that even with the great facilities the region had at its disposal, their education standards were still wanting. He also lamented of the low enrolment in the schools that had led to some schools being merged.

“In a remote place like where I come from in Garissa, the whole community has given education the first priority. We were the first people in Kenya to align a parent before court for not taking their children to school. It is time you saw far like the giraffe. These children are our tomorrow’s saviours. You people need to release the ‘handbrake’ to free your children to Canaan,” he said.

Area MP Alice Muthoni Wahome commended the spirit of teamwork that the stakeholders had accorded the education sector in the area since her assumption to office in 2013 saying it was the reason Kandara had been steadily rising in education. She called on the school heads to look for ways to eradicate weak grades in their institutions as they worked to increase the number of GRADE A students.

She said that very soon, the construction of Kandara Technical Institute at Kiranga Trading Centre will kick off with the government contributing sh. 10 million against her CDF kitty of sh. 8million.

Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau requested the people of Muranga County to give Education priority especially from the sub-county levels.

He promised to offer incentives to those whose schools performed well in national exams adding that he would personally sponsor a trip to Mombasa to all school heads during their national heads meeting.

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