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Armed Robberies, Petty Crimes on The Prowl In Thika.

The rising spate of robberies and petty crimes in the past few months has become source of worry to the residents of the larger Thika region, which had enjoyed relative in the past ten years. They are now contemplating to petition the authorities over repeated insecurity incidents by expressing their dissatisfaction over the way the law enforcement organs protect them.

Expressing themselves through social media platforms and on the streets, they expressed dismay over alleged police failure to deal with a spate of armed robbery incidents as well as the relatively new form of attacks involving bodaboda riders who are snatching women handbags within the CBD and speeding away even in broad daylight. This form of robbery is primarily affecting the pedestrians and is typically taking place as people travel to and from work, school or shops in the evenings.

For the past few weeks, so many people have been attacked by these motorbike riders especially near the K.R.A. offices who speed off towards Blue Post area after the attacks. These riders are very notorious over the weekend especially on Sundays when human traffic is low. The area around Mount Kenya University, Majengo and along Garissa Road have also become prime targets these days for they offer very easy exit for the riders after hitting their targets. Njomoko area on your way to Ngoingwa, as well as Witeithie and the Blue Post bus stage have also reported such cases.

Some have devised a new way of cornering their victims as they pose as bodaboda riders only to turn against their victim by riding away from the destined direction of their victims to their dens where the victims are driven right into a gang who attack and rob them of their cash and valuables. There has been cases of women raped and at times people stabbed to death.

The problem of the street families and the twilight girls within the town's CBD is complicating matter since some of them are working with these thugs in identifying possible victims as well as alerting them on the security situation at any given time. Some of the prostitut3s are also known to gang up and attack innocent male victims who they pretend to be demanding for payment for 'services' rendered. Whenever such men defend their innocence, about five or more women surround them and beat them up, and in the process robbing them and sharing the loot.

Despite reporting most of these incidents to the police, the latter have shown little cooperation.

Makongeni Location has its own share of the problem in the name of the “Gaza” and “12 Brothers” hit squads who are known to be terrorising the residents of Makongeni, Matharao, Amboseli Institute, Kiganjo and Kisii Estates with impunity. Cases of house break-ins and people attacked on their way to or from home, both at dawn and after 8pm very common. So many people have found dead along the roads in recent times, majority of them bearing stab wounds or injuries emanating from attacks using blunt objects. Phase 4, 6, 7 and 8 as well as some parts of Kisii Estate have now become no-go-zones after 9pm.

The culprits are very young boys between the ages of 16 and 25 years, some of whom are students in various day schools.

Majority of them are known to the residents and the authorities but apprehending them has been a tall order due to fear of secondary revenge attacks or overprotection by their parents and guardians. This has resulted to people fearing to forward information to the police who they claim later expose their identities to these criminals. They claim that those who have been making follow-ups at area police stations have reportedly ended up being harassed a matter that has made them lose confidence with the police force.

The residents point accusing fingers to idle youths who are seen hanging around the estates all-day long chewing ‘mogoka’ and smoking bhang and terrorise residents in the night. 

They are now calling on all relevant security agencies to check the rising ugly trend and demanding for quick action saying the situation is getting out of hand.

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