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We Will Sue You If You Resign, Isaac Hassan Warned.

Kandara MP Alice Muthoni Wahome has warned CORD and the Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Chairperson Isaac Hassan that Jubilee would move to court to compel Isaac to stay in office if at all he dared to resign following pressure from the opposition.

Speaking at Kenyoho Secondary School during this year's Kandara Sub-County Secondary Schools Thanks Giving Day, Wahome said that just as CORD were using the courts to demand police protection to demonstrate, Jubilee would use the same courts to obtain an order to restrain Isaac from exiting his position until another 'referee' was brought in procedural.

"Isaac has a job to do and should never listen to politicians outside. We have a system to remove him. If he steps out today, we shall force him back to office with a court order," said Wahome.

She added that the country lacked any provision or a law to replace the IEBC chairman at this time and the only option left was for legislators to first constitute one to that effect so as to ensure he left office constitutionally.

"As a lawyer I will always follow the law. Whatever we do, we must remember that for a society to be organised it must be orderly and there is no way we can keep order without following the law. The constitution reigns. Anything different is actually a coup," she warned.

She added that if Kenyans followed the law, the solution to the IEBC impasse would be realised. The referee, she said, did not matter and all that was needed was the verdict of the masses to support an umpire following the proper system.

The legislator equated CORD to a bunch of clueless politicians who lacked any agenda for this country and it was obvious from their panic mode that they had sensed a 2017 election defeat well in advance.

Speaking in the same forum, Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau pointed out that CORD had a hidden agenda and IEBC was just but a scapegoat. He said that after CORD realised that a 2017 loss to Uhuru Kenyatta was beckoning, they schemed a plot to have IEBC sent home without a new team in place. This, according to the Kigumo MP, would create a lacuna that would give them reason to demand for the postponement of the 2017 General Elections. This in turn would create room for them to demand a shared government.

"Just the other day, they set up a five-man committee and asked Jubilee to follow suit. We did exactly that and constituted our 11-member team. They have now rejected it. So, between them and Kenyans, who is fooling who?" asked Jamleck.

"Because they (know they) will be losing to Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, they want the current IEBC go home without a new team in place so that there is a lacuna. They would then now come back and say 'we dont have an IEBC and therefore we want to postpone the elections. In the meantime, tunataka we share the government nusu mkate'."

He warned the opposition that Jubilee would not sit back and allow a popularly elected government to be messed up by a few individuals. He reminded them that IEBC never voted for anyone. For this reason, he asked CORD to instead seek votes from Kenyans.

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