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Police Retrieve Middle-Aged Man's Body From Ndarugo River After 3-Days' search.

A solemn mood engulfed the residents of Ofisini (Runda), Witeithie Ward of Kiambu County after one Benson Murigi’s (Ben) lifeless body was discovered Monday at around 1 pm floating on Ndarugo River after three days of serious search.

Search crews who had been hired by the family spent the whole of Saturday and Sunday with nothing positive to write home about. However, the family was not in a position to afford to pay them Monday, resulting to a temporary halt to the recovery mission.

It was at this time that his colleagues, youth from Ofisini area and family members took over the search and discovered the body floating on the river at late Monday afternoon.

The 31-year old quarry worker is said to have been swept away by the raging waters of Ndarugo River last Friday at around 9am.

It is alleged that at the time of the accident, Murigi was in the company of a colleague heading to their working place at the Ndarugu stone mines. Upon arrival at the river banks, they realized that the water levels had risen and they had to devise a way to cross to the opposite side.

Murigi then requested his friend to hold his mobile phone as he crossed then throw it to him once he crossed to the other side.

As he was in the process of wading through the waters, he was overpowered and swept downstream. His friend immediately raised alarm and the search for him started.

Police were called in but even when they arrived at around 1pm, the search mission was in vain.

Monday afternoon, police helped to retrieve the remains of the deceased from the water at around 4pm and took it to General Kago Funeral Home in Thika.

A close friend, Joseph Macharia, described Murigi as a very hardworking man who hustled through thick and thin to sustain his young family.

The deceased is survived by a wife and two children.

Murigi's case is the second in the area this month after the body of  20-year old Gatheru retrieved in a dam in Witeithie Estate on 8th of May. 

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