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Juma Was Killed By CORD, Says Murang’a Politician.

A firebrand Murang’a politician has accused CORD of being behind the mysterious death of businessman Jacob Juma.

Speaking to a group of women leaders in Kandara, PMG Kamau, a 2017 Kandara Parliamentary candidate, said that the opposition stalwarts were hiding behind his death to malign the name of the Jubilee Government.

“From where I stand and from the background of CORD, Juma was killed by CORD because they themselves claim to know the killer. If they are not the ones who killed Juma, let them say who did it. The investigators should not look for evidence elsewhere. They should start by interrogating Raila and all his people,” said Kamau.

He added that CORD was looking for every opportunity to fight Jubilee and they could kill so as to implicate the government. He reviewed the sentiments of Nairobi ODM Chairman George Aladwa when he said that for Raila to be president, a few people had to be sacrificed.

“Can’t you remember what George Aladwa said the other day in Kibera that it was better a few people to die for Raila to become president. May be one of the few deaths he was referring to was Juma,” he said.

He reminded Kenyans about the sequence of Raila’s activities preceding the 2007-8 tribal skirmishes.

“When Raila and his people sensed defeat in 2007, they started demonstrations all over and said that they would make this country ungovernable. Why are we forgetting that Raila is the architect of violence in this country? He has already started violence!” he posed.

He said that whatever Kenyans were witnessing now with CORD was a replica of the same in 2007.

“Now, if you listened to Khalwale the other day he said that they would not only boycott the elections but we shall make sure that there are no elections. Isn’t that what we call incitement to violence?” asked PMG.

“Everybody now should go to the streets because there is no law. If the law does not apply to Raila. If the law does not apply to CORD then there is no law in Kenya. Why are we fearing Raila Amollo Ondinga and his team?”

He said that if they (CORD) did not want to engage with elections, they should step aside and let those who were willing to go ahead with the polls to do so.

On matters corruption he said that this was simply a case of a people who had failed to set specific goals to specific missions.

“If you listen carefully what is coming out from CORD is corruption, not services have not been done. With proper strategy there is no way anyone can steal. This country has no corruption. We complain for nothing. We should only focus on results, demanding to see what has been accomplished by those in power and how they have done it. It is about us failing to follow up into what has been promised to us by our leaders. If a leaders promises us 100km, we should judge them by whether they have done so or not and how it has been done,” he said.

He said that his joy was to see people get empowered. He said that there was need for an economic recovery strategy especially at the grassroots if at all there would be real empowerment for the common people.

“We should go back to performance contracts and rapid result initiatives where the performance of those in authorities was evaluated on a quarterly basis. We should also re-introduce the ranking of various government institutions according to their Rapid Performance. I want the country to start talking about result-based management not corruption,” he said.

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