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Evangelical Churches Declare 21 Days Of Fasting And Prayers, Condemn CORD Demos.

Evangelical churches have condemned the demonstrations by opposition against commissioners of the
Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) arguing that this might plunge the country into anarchy.  

Speaking at the Calvary Chosen Centre in Thika town yesterday Bishop Mark Kariuki, who is the Chairman of the Evangelical Churches of Kenya said that that the church would not sit back and watch as the country turned to the direction of violence. He said that, as the church, they would go across the country spreading the messages of peace and unity.

“We are strongly against the ongoing demonstrations against the IEBC, they are leading the country to a violent path and the church is not in support of that,” said Kariuki.

Kariuki appealed to those seeking the removal of the IEBC commissioners from office to follow the laid down procedures and respect the constitution and that no one should be allowed to have shortcuts in resolving issues.

“Our youth will not be tear gassed anymore or beaten up by the police. We bind the spirit of demonstrations and violence. There will be no more demonstrations and the days of violence are over,” declared Kariuki.

“As the Church, we pray so that the witchcraft brought from Tanzania during the elections does not work anymore. The snakes which are brought from Tanzania by our politicians will not get anywhere near our borders and if they do they will die at the border. The ones which are already in the country will all die one by one as they have power no more.”

Bishop David Ngari of the Calvary Chosen Centre who hosted the fete said that the voice of the church was very important and they are focused in leading Kenyans to a peaceful election.

He added that different church leaders might have different opinions on some issues like the IEBC but that should not be translated to mean the church is divided.

“Just like the military has marine, air force and the army who work differently, the church also has many teams working differently but with one goal of preaching peace and unity,” said Ngari.

The men of the cloth declared 21 days of prayer and fasting so that the country gets peaceful 2017 elections.

These prayers are scheduled to begin on 1st July to the 21st of July. They will be followed by a national prayer rally at the Safaricom Stadium Kasarani on July 22nd where pastors from all over the country will converge.

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