May 2016

Mrs. Philomena Nduta Kabogo (center), the Kiambu County Chief Officer Youth and Sport Mrs. Marie Mugo (extreme right) and the CEO Timeless Women of Wonder Nyakan Munyeki while attending the women empowerment forum.
Kenya women have been encouraged to get into the male dominated construction industry and reap from the industry which is creating a lot of wealth in the country.

Mrs. Philomena Nduta Kabogo, the wife to Kiambu Governor William Kabogo said that there were so many job opportunities which women could tap into if at all they did away with the notion that the industry is only meant for men.

Speaking at the Thika Sub-County Stadium yesterday during a women training forum, Mrs. Kabogo said that opportunities like plumbing, tiling, roofing, painting, electrical wiring among others were area the women could take advantage of.

The training dubbed ‘unveiling her star’, which is in collaboration with Timeless Women of Wonder, is aimed at unleashing the women’s potential by empowering, inspiring and supporting them.

“We are going to train 1, 500 women between the ages of 16-65 years at the Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology (KIST),” explained Mrs. Kabogo.

Chief Officer Youth and Sports Mrs. Marie Mugo said that the women will be taken through the theoretical and practical training of the various courses that they will choose.

“After the training we will hold the women’s hands and help them get the jobs in the construction industry where they will now be able to create wealth by becoming constructors and suppliers,” explained Mrs. Mugo.

Shalom Waithera who has been in the construction industry for 10 years as an interior designer challenged the women to stop being dependent on their husbands by always asking for money but instead get jobs in the construction industry and achieve financial freedom.

Meanwhile, Kiambu County Rural Women SACCO has today received KShs 2.5 Million worth of Biashara Fund from Kiambu County Government.

The SACCO has an active membership of over 280 members drawn from all the 60 wards in the County.

Speaking during their AGM which was also the awarding ceremony earlier on today, CEC member in charge of the department of Youth Affairs, Sports and Communication Machel Waikenda said that the County is committed to empowering the lives of women, youth and persons with disabilities through the Biashara Fund.

Also in attendance was the Chief Officer Marie Mugo, Biashara Fund Manager John G Mwangi (Johnie Gee) and other County officials.

Sarah Wamaitha, the chairlady of the SACCO, expressed her gratitude on behalf of the members.

"We are thankful to the county government for their continued support.”

So far, the County has disbursed over KShs 100million to 149 groups and 1,098 individuals. The disbursement is still ongoing to the already processed applications while new group applications are still being received in all ward administrators offices or sub-county youth and sports offices.

A group of Kiambu county residents have come out strongly to champion for peace in the oncoming general elections countrywide and mostly the politically hot Kiambu.

According to the Kiambu County Peace Campaigners Chairlady Reverend Margaret Kahoro, they formed the group in partnership with the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National government and have been working tirelessly to ensure they unite all the tribes of Kenya living in Kiambu County.

She added that they have partnered with the UN Campaign to end Gender based violence in the society as a way of mobilizing the residents to maintain peace in the county.

“Peace can be achieved when the communities are socially and economically empowered and that’s why we have been engaging the youths in sports as a social function of the group,” said Kahoro.

“The unemployed youth if kept busy through various initiatives can be helpful in the society rather than being used by ill-intentioned politicians to cause chaos,” she added.

She however explained how they have been able to introduce all the members to all the sub-county commissioners throughout the county in a move to work with the DCCs in the sub-county to champion for peace.

“We have met all the DCCs in the county are we are working closely with them to ensure we achieve our goal which is to ensure peace prevails all over the county. They are in the grassroots through the administrators and they are the best intermediaries for us to the members of the public,” Rev. Kahoro added.

Speaking from Ruiru in an exclusive interview, Rev. Kahoro said that they are sure to attain what they are targeting in the meantime as they have been supported by various leaders as others are facilitating for the free civil education to the member of public.

She however called for peaceful politics in Kiambu County from all the aspiring and the incumbents.

After failing to convince their male counterparts to pass a crucial bill to effect the two-thirds gender rule despite a passionate appeal from President Uhuru Kenyatta, seven Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) have fell back to a ‘Plan B’ that will ensure that the 16 already in Parliament retain their seats in addition to all those who will vie in next year’s general elections.

While flagging off the Kandara MP Alice Muthoni Wahome in a series of team-boosting campaigns in constituencies led by women legislatures, the MPs moved to acknowledge women leadership in the country, citing various accomplishments that their leadership had managed to achieve.

They argued that, contrary from their male counterparts, women leaders always sought to find meaning and purpose from each circumstance they faced and opportunity they were given.  They liked to see and understand the connectivity of thoughts and how they worked or why they didn’t, thereby presenting the best leadership in the country. They added that faced those adverse circumstances of juggling with being mothers, people’s wives and leadership, the women brought the best out of leadership.

“Women are often the glue that keeps things together and that is why they represent great leadership. Women are usually the ones to secure the foundational roots of the family and to protect family and cultural traditions from wavering. They provide the leadership within the home and in the workplace to assure that legacies remain strong by being fed with the right nutrients and ingredients,” said Ruiru MP Esther Nyambura Gathogo.

2017 Bomet Gubernatorial Candidate, Dr. Joyce Cherono Laboso, who is currently the National Assembly Deputy Speaker boasted of her achievements as Sotik MP had guaranteed her two terms in office and was now considering a higher office.

“The people of Kenya have seen a great difference in the leadership of women. As an MP, my people have voted me in twice and they could have done so for even a third time because we value the welfare of our people. When women MPs talk in the various forums, we only present issues that affect the people who have voted for us. And that is why I am now presenting myself for that bigger office of the governor of Bomet,” said Laboso.

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Nominated Senator Beatrice Elachi, who is first woman to be appointed majority Chief Whip in the history of parliament, took the audience through the various projects that Madam Wahome had initiated in her constituency that included the construction of Muirini Secondary School, a 7.5km road from Muruka to Kandara and the UWEZO Fund among others.

She added that Kandara was to benefit from a 200million hospital, a 100million for technical institutes and a 200million water project were also in the pipeline this coming financial year.

Elachi said that come 2017, she was presenting her candidature for Dagoretti North Constituency so that she could extend positive women leadership to the people of Kenya.

Nairobi Women Rep. Rachael Wambui Shebesh said that the Kenyan National Assembly had a total of 16 women, with Jubilee’s tally constituting to 12. She said that the women legislatures had come to the constituency with the message from the Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta who was appealing to Kenyans to elect more women leaders.

Othaya MP Mary Wambui noted that women had a transformational style of leadership and established themselves as role models. She said that female leaders tended to be extremely focused on completing their tasks, excelled at developing others, inspiring and motivating others due to their motherly nature.

Seven members of The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) have castigated Raila Odinga and the opposition CORD over their stand on IEBC and Madaraka Day parallel rally plans at Uhuru Park, describing the move as selfish and uncalled for.

Led by the deputy speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Joyce Laboso, the women legislatures dismissed Raila's move as that of a leader who had lost direction.

"Kenya is in a state of emergency where we are dealing with someone who is very desperate because of the name of his family is about to go. We are dealing with a leader with a fake belief that without him, Kenya can't move. We are dealing with a leader who is never satisfied with every position he is given. A leader who never appreciates and who will never say that I have done my best for this country, I can now pass on the baton to any young man to take over," said Nominated Senator Hon. Beatrice Elachi.

The women MPs declared that at no other time will Kenya shed blood so as to benefit an individual, arguing that it was the women and children who suffered the most in times of conflict.

Alachi added that Kenya's greatest dilemma was dealing with a leader who clearly knew that his time was over. She claimed that Raila's doors to the helm of Kenyan leadership were locked by his own father Jaramogi Odinga when he left the mantle to Kijana Wamalwa in Thika.

"Time has come for Raila to go to his father's grave and plead with him to revert his decision and stop terrorising the country with his curse. It is very difficult to deal with a desperate person," she added.

They argued that the whole world could now clearly see who led Kenya to the Hague in 2007.

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Kandara MP Alice Muthoni who played host to the legislatures, dismissed Raila's tactics as strategies of a person who had lost direction. She asked the CORD principal seek God's forgiveness for all the ills he had brought unto the people of Kenya.

Othaya MP Mary Wambui described Raila as a very funny character who one sat with and agreed on an issue only for him to get mad the next minute. She argued that Raila could do anything to satisfy his greed. She asked Kenyans to pray for this country and its leaders from his evil schemes.

Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso called on the opposition to cool down and instead of wandering a round the country in demos, go back to the people and peacefully woo them to vote for them (CORD).

"I plead with the opposition leaders, get your priorities right. Just ask Kenyans to vote for you and stop brewing a pot of anarchy in this country," said Laboso.

Nairobi Women Rep. Rachael Shebesh reminded the opposition of their claim in 2013 that Uhuru and Ruto would not rule Kenya because they would have been in the Hague by then. She said the duo won through the power of prayer and the same was due come 2017.

She claimed to have known Raila so well, having been a former member of his ODM party and whatever he was doing was out of the fact that he knew so well that he would lose the next elections.

"I was once an ODM member and I know Raila so well. Let me tell you, they know too well that he can't win the presidency. That is why they are organising chaos just to disrupt the Jubilee Government. But we are warning them that enough is enough. We cannot always be throwing tear gas canisters," said Shebesh.

The Kenyan jurisprudence, procedural and evidential technicalities is at times hampering the effective execution of justice in this country.

Head of the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) Archbishop Amos Mathenge Kabuthu observed that the numerous court injunctions being entertained in our courts in the name of the new constitutional dispensation are adversely affecting judicial matters. He said that technicalities in the small set of rules and injunctions as given by our judges contrasted the intended purpose of substantive law.

Archbishop Kabuthu made these remarks when he officiated the consecration of the new Thika Diocese Archdeacon (Deputy Bishop), 15 deacons and nine church leaders at the Juja Town AIPCA Church on Sunday.

“Allow me to say that at times our courts are acting as a recipe for the religious conflicts in some of our churches. Illegitimate priests and pastors are rushing to the courts and obtaining orders to disrupt the smooth running of these places of worship. The casual manner in which the courts are treating religious matters will lead to the faithful to start hating them,” said Kabuthu.

He cited a case where the judicature has been entertaining a certain fake bishop in Thika diocese who had not gone through the churches doctrines and procedure to be ordained as one, with court orders disrupting order in the AIPCA.

“At times these courts are not administering justice when they are making decisions. In the case of this ‘self-styled bishop’, our (AIPCA) constitution is very clear on how to ordain a priest or a bishop. The court did not follow our constitution when granting him the injunction. This is encouraging even ‘thugs’ to subvert justice,” he said.

Otherwise, Kabuthu called on those who were ordained to be a good example to the congregation they will be administering and to abide to the doctrines and the teachings of AIPCA. He reminded them that their ministry involved serving other people and the recognition of God’s call to a full-time responsibility to serve the Lord as an overseer of souls.

In the full glare of the faithful, the church publicly identified itself with them, acknowledged that it believes in their conversion, call, convictions, and commended them for public leadership and ministry. It further represented its judgment that the candidates had the ability to perform the duties of the gospel ministry and had also met all the legal requirements.

Kabuthu appealed to the faithful to follow their leaders and be there for them whenever they were faced with various challenges in the ministry.

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