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Enough Is Enough, Women MPs Warn Raila To Contain His 'Curse'.

Seven members of The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) have castigated Raila Odinga and the opposition CORD over their stand on IEBC and Madaraka Day parallel rally plans at Uhuru Park, describing the move as selfish and uncalled for.

Led by the deputy speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Joyce Laboso, the women legislatures dismissed Raila's move as that of a leader who had lost direction.

"Kenya is in a state of emergency where we are dealing with someone who is very desperate because of the name of his family is about to go. We are dealing with a leader with a fake belief that without him, Kenya can't move. We are dealing with a leader who is never satisfied with every position he is given. A leader who never appreciates and who will never say that I have done my best for this country, I can now pass on the baton to any young man to take over," said Nominated Senator Hon. Beatrice Elachi.

The women MPs declared that at no other time will Kenya shed blood so as to benefit an individual, arguing that it was the women and children who suffered the most in times of conflict.

Alachi added that Kenya's greatest dilemma was dealing with a leader who clearly knew that his time was over. She claimed that Raila's doors to the helm of Kenyan leadership were locked by his own father Jaramogi Odinga when he left the mantle to Kijana Wamalwa in Thika.

"Time has come for Raila to go to his father's grave and plead with him to revert his decision and stop terrorising the country with his curse. It is very difficult to deal with a desperate person," she added.

They argued that the whole world could now clearly see who led Kenya to the Hague in 2007.

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Kandara MP Alice Muthoni who played host to the legislatures, dismissed Raila's tactics as strategies of a person who had lost direction. She asked the CORD principal seek God's forgiveness for all the ills he had brought unto the people of Kenya.

Othaya MP Mary Wambui described Raila as a very funny character who one sat with and agreed on an issue only for him to get mad the next minute. She argued that Raila could do anything to satisfy his greed. She asked Kenyans to pray for this country and its leaders from his evil schemes.

Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso called on the opposition to cool down and instead of wandering a round the country in demos, go back to the people and peacefully woo them to vote for them (CORD).

"I plead with the opposition leaders, get your priorities right. Just ask Kenyans to vote for you and stop brewing a pot of anarchy in this country," said Laboso.

Nairobi Women Rep. Rachael Shebesh reminded the opposition of their claim in 2013 that Uhuru and Ruto would not rule Kenya because they would have been in the Hague by then. She said the duo won through the power of prayer and the same was due come 2017.

She claimed to have known Raila so well, having been a former member of his ODM party and whatever he was doing was out of the fact that he knew so well that he would lose the next elections.

"I was once an ODM member and I know Raila so well. Let me tell you, they know too well that he can't win the presidency. That is why they are organising chaos just to disrupt the Jubilee Government. But we are warning them that enough is enough. We cannot always be throwing tear gas canisters," said Shebesh.

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