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Group Advocates For Peace Ahead Of Next Year General Elections.

A group of Kiambu county residents have come out strongly to champion for peace in the oncoming general elections countrywide and mostly the politically hot Kiambu.

According to the Kiambu County Peace Campaigners Chairlady Reverend Margaret Kahoro, they formed the group in partnership with the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National government and have been working tirelessly to ensure they unite all the tribes of Kenya living in Kiambu County.

She added that they have partnered with the UN Campaign to end Gender based violence in the society as a way of mobilizing the residents to maintain peace in the county.

“Peace can be achieved when the communities are socially and economically empowered and that’s why we have been engaging the youths in sports as a social function of the group,” said Kahoro.

“The unemployed youth if kept busy through various initiatives can be helpful in the society rather than being used by ill-intentioned politicians to cause chaos,” she added.

She however explained how they have been able to introduce all the members to all the sub-county commissioners throughout the county in a move to work with the DCCs in the sub-county to champion for peace.

“We have met all the DCCs in the county are we are working closely with them to ensure we achieve our goal which is to ensure peace prevails all over the county. They are in the grassroots through the administrators and they are the best intermediaries for us to the members of the public,” Rev. Kahoro added.

Speaking from Ruiru in an exclusive interview, Rev. Kahoro said that they are sure to attain what they are targeting in the meantime as they have been supported by various leaders as others are facilitating for the free civil education to the member of public.

She however called for peaceful politics in Kiambu County from all the aspiring and the incumbents.

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