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Youth Empowerment My Priority If Elected, 2017 Hospital Ward Aspirant.

Hospital Ward 2017 aspirant, Samson Gitau (Gitau Wa Pilot) has emphasised the need for leaders to involve themselves in activities in the community and schools, developing skills and empowering youth to better their lives, embrace education, believe in themselves  in order to reduce crime and drug abuse.

He said that sports were a tool to inspire and motivate children from poor households to overcome poverty and grow into model citizens, adding that it played a big role within local communities and its ability to transform lives.

Speaking to Thika Town Today on Sunday after attending a funds drive in aid of Alex Muya, a young boy from Pilot Estate who is suffering from hernia, Gitau said that he believed in developing local professional-level soccer teams training with a concentration on developing social & life skills as well as sportsmanship.

“The majority of the youth in this ward come from poor backgrounds. Their parents are day-to-day menial workers who do not have the time or the means to follow up on their children’s talents. Most of these youth are unemployed and do not lead with good examples but are very ready and willing to exploit any available opportunity that comes their way. It is for this reason that we as leaders need to open new horizons and introduce the belief that anything is possible,” said Gitau.

He added that it was vital for leaders to sit down with young people and begin planning solutions aimed at creating efficient skills exchanges, functional job-markets for the youth and the sustainable future they would all depend on.

“It is now time to teach our youth that one can dare to dream. A dream that pushes them through obstacles and challenges, a self-belief that they can do it if they worked hard at it. We need to teach them to become responsible, accountable, and dependable,” he said

He added that if he was voted into office come 2017, he would ensure that he empowered community-based practices that engaged families, youth and the community in the development of the area. Through working with the members of the community, his office would initiate programs that helped people build skills to enable them to overcome economic and social barriers. 

He said that he would focus on empowering youth to think critically, communicate across cultural boundaries and lead others.

His mission, he said, would be to empower the youth and women with practical knowledge and skills for sustainable livelihoods by facilitating the implementation of a wide range of activities aimed at improving the living standards.

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