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Thika Teachers Welcome DP Ruto, Sang Acquittal

Thika Branch KNUT Executive Secretary Joe Mungai Ngige has sent his congratulatory message to Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Arap Sang on their acquittal in a criminal case by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday Evening.

"I am personally so happy that the two have been acquitted of all the charges. Truth has prevailed even if it has taken 6 long years. God is always faithful to all those who call upon his name," Mungai said.

Mr. Mungai was delighted that the distraction of The Hague case was now behind us and the president and the DP will concentrate in performing their duties. He added that he was confident this single outcome was pivotal in promoting unity and reconciliation in the country.

“From the word go, ICC was a joke. This was a political game played by the ICC and was never geared towards seeking justice to the victims. This case was grafted by NGOs against targeted people to attract donor cash. ICC has been all along acting as a political tool targeting individuals. It is no secret that the case was ill-conceived and never grounded on the proper examination of our experience of 2007/2008 as a nation. We have endured a painful journey with the ICC. This decision brings to a close what has been a nightmare for our nation. Let’s hold hands and reconcile as a people,” he said.

He questioned the logic behind an international prosecutor relying on rumours in his submissions and never taking the pain to unearth the truth. This, he said, was the theory behind coached witnesses who were paid to lie and subject the suspects, their families and the entire nation to untold suffering.

Otherwise, he said, this was the opportune time to forge ahead as a nation.

“At some point we'll have to grow up, own up, count the loss, learn the lessons, apologise and move on as a nation. Despite witness procurement and flawed investigations, we still need to seek justice for the victims, he added.

He concluded by saying that everyone was touched by what befell us in 2007/8 and every victim mattered. None of them should ever be forgotten. Their suffering, he said, demanded of us to seek reconciliation.

He fully backed on focus to enhance Kenyans’ efforts towards nation building, promotion peace and security.

“It was now time the president and his deputy focused us fully on the affairs of running the State. The two should now use this platform to unite and reconcile the nation for the healing and reconciliation of our people. So, on behalf of Thika teachers, I wish the president and his deputy much success and wisdom in performing the important and responsible duties of their positions. My best wishes too for their well-being and prosperity of our country and its people,” he said.

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