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New Career Hope For Those Who Failed Exams Or Dropped Out Of School.

Thika Technical Training Institute (TTTI) is running a programme that assimilates all those people who failed their KCPE and KCSE exams or dropped out of school for whatever reason.

Speaking exclusively to Thika Town Today, the Principal Mr. Jeff Kariuki said after the realisation that a lot of young talents were wasting away at home due to adversities not of their own making, the institution though of coming up with a programme that would guarantee them the much needed technical skills.

“TTTI staff realised that the biggest challenge the society faced in the fight against poverty, crime and drug abuse among our youth was the state of hopelessness in school dropouts and those who had failed in national exams. We therefore came up with both short-term and 2-year certificate courses to cater for a variety of technical skills that would empower them into self-employment,” said Kariuki.

Some of these courses include masonry, welding, electrical wiring, plumbing, machine tooling, mechanical engineering, catering, tailoring, bakery among others. The courses have no gender, age or disability limitations and includes those with who are already in the field but lack the requisite documents.

Mr. Kariuki added that upon successful completion of these courses, the graduates could pursue diploma courses and even advance their training to degree and PHD level if they so wished. Otherwise, those who wish not to proceed further with the formal training were in an advantaged position to get engaged in gainful employment both formally and informally.

For the last five years, the institution has been able to train over 5000 students in various programmes. The courses include open and distance programmes to enhance the learning of those already in the field and those who are already tied on family matters.

TTTI is an ISO certified institution thus all their courses were acceptable in any institution in the country.

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