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No Direct Access To Makongeni For Kiganjo Residents After Monday Rains.

Residents have been left stranded for the last two days following heavy rains and poor drainage system that destroyed the BAT-Kiganjo Road at Corner 1 in Kiganjo, completely disconnecting them with the neighbouring Makongeni Estate.

Small cars and Matatus are unable to access the road, forcing the motorists pass through Kiang'ombe-Engen to go to Makongeni and the lower parts of Thika.

"I am liaising with the Engineering Department and have been promised swift action today so that the residents are not inconvenienced any further. For now I appeal for calm and as the Department looks into the matter, and I promise we will sustain the appeal till its looked into," said Sam Chege (MC Sam) an aspiring Kamenu Ward  MCA, when bounced on him on Wednesday morning.

Bodaboda riders are having a field day ferrying the residents who have to part with double what they pay on a regular day.

The situation in Kiganjo remind us of the infrastructure mess that is our town. Our drainage system need urgent repair. Most of the areas in Thika Sub-County lack enough capacity to drain storm runoff. 

Our drainage system is strained since it was designed when Thika had a very small population compared to today. A lot of water is being generated from the roads and from the many buildings coming up that cannot be channelled through the existing drainage system at the same time.

The solution to this is construction of a proper drainage system with the requisite capacity in an ever-growing town.

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