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Badly Decomposed Body Found Dumped In A 20-Metre Deep Pit In Kiandutu.

Police in Thika are working to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of a young man found dumped in a 20-metre deep abandoned well in Kiandutu Slum, Thika Sub-County.

The residents had a rude awakening when a decomposed body was retrieved from the pit. It is alleged that young boys who were playing near the scene made the grisly discovery on Tuesday when one of them saw part of the young man’s decomposing leg popping out of dumped trash in the pit. 

It is rumoured that the body belongs to a certain young fellow from Kiandutu (name withheld) who went missing about a month or so ago. News of his disappearance was never reported to the police.  Even though his remains were so rotted, close friends and relatives were able to identify him by his clothes.

The young man’s death is suspected to be a case of a deal gone sour since he was alleged to be a known criminal. His legs were tied together by a strap and his body kinda strapped.

His body was discovered dumped about 100 metre away from the murder scene where part of attire and bloodstains were visible. According to the set up in the scene, it seems that there was some kind of a kangaroo court before the murder was executed.

According to the residents, the area near the crime scene is a very dangerous place. People are mugged and attacked daily even in broad daylight. There are about 5 similar pits that look suspect.

Several months ago, people discovered a lady’s leg dumped in one of the pits. Police also found a 10-month old boy in another of these pits who luckily was unhurt. There was also another case of a man killed and put in a sack about four months ago.

Part of the insecurity in the slum has been contributed by the vandalisation of the popular  'mulika mwizi' floodlights. It is said that all but about one or two floodlights have had their sensors stolen, plunging Kiandutu Slum back into the old days of darkness.

Area assistant chief John Karanja confirmed these incidents but lamented that the authorities had it rough dealing with the issue due to the residents’ unwillingness to expose these criminals.

“There is a lot of ‘brotherhood’ in this slum. These people rarely reveal the rotten elements amongst them and will always come to their defense whenever they are apprehended. This makes it so difficult for us to arrest the situation. Otherwise, we are doing the best we can by using the little information we get to fight crime in this area,” said Karanja.

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