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TSMHS Students Strike Over College Admins' Stolidity

Students of Thika School of Medical & Health Sciences on Tuesday demonstrated along Thika streets following the college administration’s refusal to allow them to have a students’ senate.

They alleged that the College Board refused to meet them this morning to iron out issues but instead dismissed them by telling them to air their grievances through their class representatives.

The protest has come after a lull of nearly two years in the institution with the students pushing for an independent student leadership. They say that after coming up with a students’ constitution last year, the administration mutilated it to suit their (administration) interests. For instance, the post of the students’ Vice Presidents was merged with that of the Academic Affairs minister, a move that rendered it very difficult to work with.

To ensure that their voice is heard, the students want to conduct elections this semester that represent the wishes of the entire student body and not a few appointees of the admins.

Among other pressing issues, they also want the admin to recognise the students’ leadership Act of colleges and universities. They are also opposed to the college’s move to have freshers from secondary schools taking over the students’ senate, disregarding all those who have stayed in the institution for quite some time. They accuse the administration of using that tactic locking out those doing certificate courses whose term of schooling is limited to 2 years.

The students are also seeking solutions to their own safety especially those schooling in the Highway Campus who are always in danger of road accidents. They claim that of late, three students have been knocked down by speeding vehicles, the latest one being that of a female student named Catherine who was hit by a vehicle on Monday.

Just like in the previous cases, the college administration gave her case some lukewarm response since she is the one who had to foot for her own hospital bill of over Sh. 9,000.

They are therefore calling for a students’ voice to advocate for a zebra crossing where those students cross that part of the road.

“We took to the streets as a last resort after the college principal refused to meet us this morning. The admins keep threating those who advocated for a student’ senate with expulsion, a move that made us send an emissary to Education Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Okeng'o Matiang'I yesterday (Monday),” said one student who didn’t his identity disclosed in fear of victimisation.

The students vowed to soldier on until their grievances were addressed.

Efforts to reach the administration for comments were fruitless.

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