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Another School Girl Loses Money To "Prayer Prophets In Thika."

Police in Thika have issued an alert over “prayer fraud” scams saying that so many people are losing money to people pretending to be prophets out to multiply their money.

Thika West OCPD Erastus Muthamia warned that cases of such conmen/women in the rise due to Thika proximity to Nairobi City.

He said this as Lilian Ntambira, a 23 year old college student at St Luz ECDE Teachers College in Makongeni lost Shs.15, 300 worth of school fees to two conmen yesterday.

Speaking to Thika Town Today at the Thika police station where she had gone to report the incident Lilian said that she was approached by two men one of whom was a disabled and they started prophesying to her.

“One of the men greeted me by hand and they started what seemed a true narrative of what is actually happening in my life,” explained Lilian.

She said that after listening to the men she found herself going into the bank, withdrawing Shs.15, 300 meant for her school fees and handing it over to these men.

“I am a student at St. Luz College and I was to pay school fees with the cash now I don’t know what I will do. I don’t know what I will tell my parents,” she sobbed.

The two men asked her to buy them some stuff from the supermarket. Since she could not enter the supermarket with her bag, she left it with them bearing in mind that it contained her money and other documents.  When she was through, she came out to find no one around… the two men had already vanished in the thin air with her bag, money and personal effects. 

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Cases of residents being conned have been on the increase within Thika town. This is the third case that has been reported in Thika town in a space of one month.

In February another young woman was conned Shs.31, 600 worth of school fees for her sister who was to join form. Another campus student was also conned over Shs.20, 000 one week later.

“We have been having problems with these conmen, but we are always on the lookout for them and when such cases are reported we do our best to arrest the culprits,” said the Thika police boss.

Muthamia added that currently there is a case in court of two ladies and a man who were conning people in Thika and they arrested them. He insisted that they will be working round the clock to arrest the new conmen who are coming up.

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