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President Uhuru Makes An Impromptu Visit To Thika Unannounced.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday Evening paid a surprise visit to Joy Town School For The Physically Challenged to share a little time with the students and staff for Easter.

In a visit devoid of most formalities, the President, accompanied by area MP Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a, his wife Margaret and family, took his time to listen and share niceties with them. 

And, perhaps reflecting the surprise by which the President took everybody, Thika Town Today received numerous calls of residents inquiring about which dignitary had landed in town.

Addressing the Joy Town Secondary School fraternity, the president said that this was just a private visit in the spirit of Easter.

He said that The Jubilee Government will look into ways of reforming the education sector to cater for the needs of students with disabilities. 

"It is not fair for students who are physically challenged to undertake the same exams with those who don’t suffer from any disabilities," he said.

The President said his government takes keen interests to the needs of the disabled and that is why he appointed a Principal Secretary in charge of special programmes to ensure they are fully catered for.

“There are many people outside doing wonderful jobs, in fact I have a disabled PS who is doing a fantastic job,” said the President.

Further adding, “We will do everything possible to support this institution and also you as an individual to gain employment or self-employment.”

He pledged to work in partnership with the school to expand its facilities and improve on its infrastructure.

He shared drinks with them, donated some digital TV sets, computers, balls and hockey sticks. He promised them a school bus which he asked Thika MP to collect from him on Wednesday next week.

The School’s principal Leah Kamunye thanked the President and his family for the surprise visit saying ‘it’s a good Easter surprise.”
The school which was started in 1980 with a population of 30 students has expanded and currently hosts a population of 250 students.

The president arrived about 3.30pm in a chopper with several chase cars speeding through town towards Joy Town where he stayed for about 2 hours and left just as he arrived, seamlessly. Majority of the people were caught off guard as they were informed of his presence after he had arrived.


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