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Over 3000 ID Cards Lie Uncollected In Thika - Registrar.

Thika Registrar of Persons Mr. Jacob Kang’utu has said that 3,410 identification documents lie uncollected in Thika West District even as thousands applicants keep complaining about delays in processing their IDs.
This revelation came in response to numerous complaints he had been receiving concerning delays in the issuing of the cards. He added that his office had made efforts to notify their owners but very few had come forth to claim them.
“We have checked the waiting card numbers that have been sent to our desk and found that almost 100% of those cards are ready for collection. I wonder how people live without ID cards,” he told Thika Town Today from his office on Thursday.
“It seems most of the people complaining have not bothered to check their cards at the issuing stations. We call upon all leaders to join in sensitising the residents to collect their ID cards,” he added.
He noted that there has been a boom in the application and registration of identity cards in the area as they have recently received over 100% increase in number of applications. This surge could be attributed to the forthcoming coming General Elections.
“It is sad that some politicians are taking advantage of their status to claim that our officers are deliberately withholding some cards for political reasons yet the truth of the matter is that these documents are actually lying here uncollected
A statement released by the Ministry of Interior and National Co-ordination last month showed that a total of 375,963 identity cards still lie uncollected in various ministry offices across the country with Rift valley (81,243) and Central Kenya (54,697) leading in the overall number of uncollected identity cards. This is as the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) completes the second week of a one-month ‘mass’ voter registration drive.
It is such a shame when such a high number of ID cards remain uncollected yet the local elected politicians keep shouting hoarse how their people are being denied these documents instead of ensuring that all adults in their jurisdiction have ID cards and are registered voters.
Meanwhile the new Thika Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Tom Anjere has revealed that his office has laid down a comprehensive strategy to ensure Thika residents were sensitised on the need to register for their identity cards and was working with various leaders among them religious heads towards achieving that goal.
Anjere said that the low turnout in the ongoing voter registration could be attributed to the lack of ID cards among the members of public in the area. He called upon his chiefs and other local administrators to sensitise the residents in a move to ensure all the 18-year olds acquired this vital document.

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