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Meet Phelomena Nyambura Njonjo aka Mc Phylo

Mc Phylo
Phelomena Nyambura Njonjo aka M.C. Phylo is a lady on a mission to see that street kids are accorded the necessary respect and care they deserve, a lady with a big heart, a reggae lover and a female M.C. with One Calling Sounds and Street Wise Entertainment, she believes that Thika's community has a role to play for us to experience social change.

1. Did you grow up in Thika?

I was born in Thika as a matter of fact at the former Thika District Hospital, though at times we shuttled from Thika to my rural home but, I have fond memories of growing up in this town the back to school jam sessions for instance, currently I reside somewhere near former Vybestar Hotel so I'd call Thika my mtaa.

 2. What do you like about Thika?

I love Thika because it is where I got my inspiration to venture into "Mcing" I used to frequent various entertainment spots such as Club Zinc that’s how I ended up approaching the crème de la crème of entertainment sounds such as DFU where they offered me a chance to do a gig, so the support that industry players have offered me is something I can say has driven my love for area 237 as it is popularly referred to.
I love this town because it is a hub of untapped talent across the divide, also of course the Pineapples I know it’s a cliché but it’s something to be proud of.

 3. What would you like to change about Thika?

What I’d love to change is the whole negative perception that people have for street kids, it troubles my heart that people see them as a menace to the society but truth be told these are also human beings, that is why I always give my all to charity events such the Street Soccer organized by Action for Children In Conflict, and Life Skills Oasis Center, I would urge members of the Thika community to take action and change their attitude towards this particular population some of these kids are victims of circumstances, they run away from home to evade the mistreatment they face from their folks, so if we shy away from lending a helping hand we would have failed in making the world a better place.

4. As a Female reggae Emcee how is it working in Thika? Is Thika open to what you do or what could be better?

 Well this industry has had its fair share of challenges especially being a female M.C., pulling the crowd and keeping them entertained is not an easy task, however I can proudly say whenever I have the opportunity to MC, Thika Dj's and entertainment spots such as Klub Image have supported me; my friends on social media also turn up for my gigs. The idea of having a female as an Emcee is slowly gaining some popularity among folks in Thika, what I'd advocate for more ladies to venture into this trade because it will go a long way in changing the stereotype that Djing and Emceeing is a man's affair for a change.

5. If you had a friend coming in from outside Thika what three things would you say to sell them the idea that Thika is worth visiting.

Well they must visit this town because they can join me in my quest to take care of the street kids, this is important to be because I know it will go a long way in touching people's hearts and changing their mindset, and perhaps duplicate the same in their places or origin, secondly this town is full of business opportunities if you have a business mind this is the place to invest, thirdly of course I have to make them attend my gig have them experience the other side of Phylo.

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Instagram.com/phylo njonjo

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