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Pastor Charged For The Mysterious Deaths Of Entire Lawyer's Family.

Samuel Muhiu, the father of the city lawyer Paul Magu Muhiu who died under mysterious circumstances alongside his wife and three children, claims that Magu was behaving in a weird manner in his last days to a point that his family almost thought that he had gone mad.

This emerged during the hearing of a case in which a female cleric is accused of having a hand in the 2014 deaths in Mokongeni, Thika.

Pastor Ann Wanyoro has been charged that on diverse dates between November 23 and 26 in 2014 in Mokongeni Estate, Thika, she helped Paul Magu to kill himself and also had a hand in the deaths of Mr Magu's wife Lydia and their children Allen, 9, Ryan, 8, and Tiffany, 6.

Mzee Muhiu told Kiambu Principal Magistrate Mr Justus Kitukua that a day before his death, his son made an impromptu visit to their rural home at Kiganjo, Thika.

“Magu came home alone on November 25, 2014, at around 4pm using an old saloon car, which was unusual of him since he used to drive posh cars. Upon his arrival, he informed me he was feeling weak since he had not eaten for the last two days. Since my wife was away, I prepared tea, but Mr Magu only took a few sips,” narrated Mzee Muhiu.

“Since he said he was not leaving immediately, I decided to go the farm, but he followed me there,” added Mr Muhiu. “He appeared uneasy and people asked me what was wrong with him.”

At around 6pm Mr Muhiu prepared supper, which his son declined to eat. At around 7pm, Magu left on foot, allegedly for a fundraiser with friends. When he returned at 9pm, his clothes were so muddy. His father asked him what had happened and he replied that he had been attacked by thugs on their way back home.

The father said he retired to bed in his room but the lawyer kept talking to himself and screaming throughout the night.

Early the following morning when Mr Muhiu returned from a nearby shop, he found Mr Magu in his mother’s skirt and blouse. He angrily ordered him to undress and gave him his own clothes, which he wore and drove off without informing anyone where he was going.

The family looked for him without success only to be informed the following day that he had been found dead.

The Magus
“I saw that something was wrong and called his siblings to intercept him but they didn’t manage,” said Mr Muhiu. “We tried reaching his wife but her phone went unanswered.”

The court heard that Mrs Lydia Magu went missing on November 23 last year and her partially burnt body was found in a thicket at Paradise Lost, on Kiambu Road.

The bodies of the children were found in different parts of the 2,500-acre Tatu City real estate land. Tiffany’s body was found in a coffee plantation in Ruiru while the decomposed bodies of Allen and Ryan were found in a thicket at Tatu City.

The second witness, Ms Ruth Njambi, who worked a secretary at Mr Magu’s Thika and Evergreen offices since 2011, said the deceased used various excuses to keep her out of office.

For instance on November 13, 2014, Mr Magu asked her to take four-day leave which was very unusual.

Mr. Magu and his wife Lydia in a file picture
On the day that she was to resume, he again told her that it wasn’t right for her to use the office because it had been fumigated.

However, she went to the office without his knowledge and established that no fumigation had been done. This made her suspect that her boss only wanted her out of office.

She told the court that she had seen her boss together with the accused on various occasions, saying the two used to fellowship at Faith and Holiness Church, in Kawaida, Banana.

Pastor Ann denied the charges and was freed on a Sh2 million bond. 
The case was adjourned to today when the prosecution will call the deceased’s brother, Mr Andrew Muhiu, and his househelp, Ms Margaret Njoki to testify.

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