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African Youth Urged To Rise To The Occasion.

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United Nations Environmental Programme- Africa Climate Change Coordinator Dr. Richard Munang has called upon the youth in Africa to be on the fore front in championing for change.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the 3rd Africa Model United Nations (AfroMun) conference held at the United Nations Office Nairobi, on Monday Dr. Munang who was the keynote speaker noted that, it is time for the African youth to rise to the occasion and take charge of their present in order to safe guard the future.

 "When the music changes the dance must change, therefore it’s about we also changed how we do our things as young people to change the continent of Africa, the challenges being faced on the continent are easily addressed but require that the youths to have patience, passion and perseverance,” said Dr. Munang.

He further noted that the youth should learn how to use what they have to work for them in achieving this goal while citing the use of Information Communication Technology he advised the youth to use their spare time while online for engagement and knowledge instead of only for entertainment, this would help them come up with great ideas which they can share among each other.

Also present during the opening ceremony were, the Turkish Ambassador to Kenya Her Excellency Denzin Eke, Ambassador David Kikaya AfroMun Patron, United States International University Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza, USIU-Trustee Dr. Ella King, AfroMun Director General Edwin Githinji and Secretary General Afrikana Njuru.

The Turkish Ambassador emphasized greatly on Africa rising. She further expressed her appreciation towards the organizers of the 3rd AfroMun Conference noting that was a great opportunity for young people to learn how to debate and come up with tangible solutions.

She went ahead to ensure that a great bond between Turkey and Africa  through the Turkey-Africa Cooperation, because Turkey as a key ally understands the plight of the Africa is going through since they also had to start from zero at their independence. And yet they have grown to be the world’s seventeenth best economy and sixth in Europe. They know what it takes to help Africa rise and they are okay with helping the continent all the way.

This year’s Africa Model United Nations theme is: Africa rising: Embracing the role of youth in security, governance and development.

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