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'NJUGUMA YA VALENTINE', Your Only Escape For Valentine

With so many things giving you headache after the NJAANUARY menace, it may be hard to figure out what exactly will relieve you off your stress. Depending on your tastes, you may know about all the big action blockbusters hitting movies, but if you are a bigger fan of comedy, Kikuyu comedy to be precise, then this is your cup of tea.

Thika's own Vunana Arts and Zinduka Kenya have come together to give you the different twists of valentine, hilariously laying all experiences on the table to give you a special feel of everything that goes on this lovers' day.

Are Valentine love stories real or just  fairy tales? Is Valentine love real or just theatrics? Are there any specific ways to express love on valentine?

With great zeal and new approach to theatre, these group of young talented 237ners have packaged this brand new vernacular comedy to fully quench your laughter thirst and give continue to give a new meaning to the now famous Gikuyu comedy plays. Directed by the very able Vehum and produced by Nicholas Waiganjo and the message too clear, 'NJUGUMA YA VALENTINE', you just cannot miss to watch Mr Githendu, a busy and a rich businessman who is too ignorant of  his wife's stunning beauty and her sexual appeal to a point of not taking notice of all the men (Team Mafisi) that would donate an arm or a leg to spend a day with her.

First on the scene is their watchman and on this particular Sunday which also happens to be Valentine Day, Nyambura skips church and decides to spend the day at home as her husband (who doesn't even know it's valentine) heads out for business as usual.

After dropping Mr Githendu off at the airport, the driver who happens to be 2nd on the list (Team Mafisi) quickly heads back home to try his luck and if possible at all "hit the jackpot". The Watchman too has decided to try and give a shot at "the jackpot". But Nyambura the "Jackpot" has other plans in mind.

With Mr Githendu now away on a business trip, who between the watchman and the driver will get through to her first and what plans does Nyambura have for valentine? Trust these excellent actors to rebrand your valentine and entertain you while at it.

CATCH IT ALL ON "NJUGUMA YA VALENTINE" Tomorrow Saturday the 13th of February at 6.30pm at Eton Hotel, Thika next to Thika Fire Station (Behind Tuskys Chania Hypermarket).

Charges are Sh.300 for individuals and Sh. 500 for couples.


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