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Meet MC Lilpin, Thika own Talent..

Lil Pin is a young and upcoming but talented artist from Thika Town who is gaining wide popularity in the dancehall reggae scene for his line of music. He is also known for his genre of music that majors on the day-to-day experiences people go through that help his audience to relate with his work so easily.

Lil Pin an artist and songwriter who began his music career back in the year 2008 when he released his first single “I will still be me” which was a real hit among his peers and youth. Since then, he has continued to push the barriers of his own song and music writing with his most recent recording “Never Cease” which his way of thanking God and appreciating all what God has done in his life.

He gives much credit to his parents who he says have been a huge inspiration to him. When asked when he discovered that he was talented as a musician, he responded by saying that it was so difficult to locate a time when he was’nt pursuing a life in music though his early days in high school were the years of ‘never turning back’.

Lil Pin claims to be inspired by the real life experiences and the passion to make a positive change in the society especially among the youth. His inspiration also comes from the challenges he faces in life or the very personal issues that need to become a song. He keeps his satellite scanning the earth and skies for inspiration and as he says, it never lets him down. He also acknowledges his influence to come from positive role models.

In the recent times, LilPin has taken a new direction to his music career. Being a Marketing Management student at the Kenya Institute of Management, he plans to use his newly acquired knowledge in marketing his music. He is now an MC and also performs in Road Shows, events and church functions. In that way, he has been able to popularize his music as he earns an extra coin in Emceeing in events.

However, Lil Pin says that as a young upcoming artist, he experiences so much challenges that stunt his growth in this industry. The issue of marketing his music, and lack of publicity has been his biggest challenge. Most of the music promoters and producers do not want to invest in new artists for obvious reasons. There is also the issue of local TV and Radio stations denying them some airplay. The Music Copyrights Society is no better either.

Otherwise, all these have not put him down. He is still determined to make it to the top of the music career. His advice to fellow youth is never to give up on their gifts but instead chase their dreams. He says that this calls for patience, a lot of practice and trusting in God.

He also advises them never to idle sit and expect to gain anything but they should get out of the box and workout something productive for themselves.

Currently, he is working on a VCD “Kwa Mtaa” to be released any time soon. This single targets the idlers who he says need to wake up and seek solutions to their challenges rather than idling in the estates. He has also done a collabo with a fellow 237ner, Chaos Deah, and released a single “Uchumi” which encourages Kenyans to work hard.

Lil Pin wishes that Thika Town had its own TV and radio station to promote the town’s talents and brand them into world top artists.
You can catch up with LilPin on facebook at Artist Lilpin Mc  ,Instragram MC Lilpin, Mdundo Lilpin and on song cast Lilpin.

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