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Kisii Estate ‘Video Man’ Sues Wife For Attempted Murder.

 Engineer Samuel Kimotho, the man who was caught on camera publicly fighting with his wife and children on Monday in Kisii Estate Thika, now claims that his life is in danger. He claims that his wife of 20 years, Virginia Wangari, has been scheming to kill him.

“I came home as usual on the evening of January 31st. She served me some rice and cabbages. Three hours later, I developed stomach pains and started to diarrhoea. The doctor’s tests revealed that mine was acse of food poisoning. Definitely my wife was behind it. She wants me dead,” Kimotho said.

A medical report to the same signed by Dr SK Ngigi, the medical superintendent of Maragua Level 4 Hospital on January 31, 2016, indicates Kamotho was suffering from vomiting, nausea and severe abdominal pain after allegedly taking a meal.

Kimotho, who has sired 11 children with Virginia, recorded a statement to that effect at the Makongeni Police Station and the complaint was entered in the Occurrence Book as OB No 066 of 8/2/2016.

He alleged that his wife was after his wealth, which has accumulated from rental houses in Thika Town and contractual works. He said he had started several businesses for his wife, including a grocery store and cereal shop, only for her to run them down.

“She just wants to get rid of me so that she can take over my properties which I have struggled to get. This woman has never lacked anything. Every time I open a business for her, she runs it down and then starts claiming that I’m mistreating her. I will never accept her back. I will take care of all my children,” said Kimotho.

 He is also planning to prefer charges against her for neglecting their six-month-old baby who he claims she stopped breastfeeding at two months.

On Monday this week, Wangari accused her estranged husband of physically abusing and mistreating her by holding her captive in their house for three months. She claimed that the main reason he was kicking her out of their matrimonial home was because he was sleeping with his 18-year-old daughter, Lucy Nyawira.

“At first I thought it was just the small fights that occur in marriages, but I soon realised it was serious when I found out he has been sleeping with our daughter, who seems to support his actions. They locked me in a room in the house,” Wangari said.

She claimed to have escaped and had only returned to ‘rescue’ her children. She denied ever habouring any attempts attempted to kill her 51-year old husband.

“We have been married for over 20 years and have 11 children. I am already two months pregnant. Why would I want to kill him now?” Wangari

Kamotho refuted these claims saying that his wife was merely peddling lies to tarnish his name for refusing to accept her back after she ran away on February 1. He also denied ever mistreating her.

“The allegations levelled against me are meant to divert attention from my attempted murder through poisoning. These are pure lies only meant to hoodwink people and make them believe that I am the bad person,” said Kimotho.

Nyawira, the 18-year old daughter entangled in the mix has vehemently denied to have ever slept with her father adding that she was really shocked by her mother’s allegations, whom she claimed they now don’t see eye-to-eye following the damning accusations.  She vowed never to forgive her for the accusations.

“I’m still in shock and can’t believe my own mother could make such wild allegations about me and my dad. It is so painful and I don’t think I will ever forgive her for that. I can’t sleep with my father. He is a man I respect and hold in high esteem,” said the daughter who was among those who attacked her mother on the material day.

On her part, Wangari’s mother, Margaret Thuita, supported her son-in-law, accusing her daughter of abandoning her family and tarnishing their reputation.

On Monday, news all the the media stations showed a clip of the family feud that later went viral all over the social media circles with people airing varied opinions to the case. Wangari’s ‘rescue’ mission aborted as she was repulsed by Kamotho and his other children. The toddler is currently under the custody of the father.

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