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Man Chops Off Manhood, Cuts Wife's Breast in Kiganjo

Achieng overwhelmed by emotions during the interview

A 24-year-old man from Isebania Border Town, Duncan Moseti, will have to live the rest of his life without his ‘weapon of destruction’ after he allegedly cut it off for suspecting that his wife, Margaret Achieng (20), was cheating on him with his elder brother.

Speaking to Thika Town Today from her hospital bed at Thika Level 5 Hospital, Achieng, a mother of a one year old girl, narrated how her husband attacked her at the middle of the night and cut off part of her left breast. According to her, the bone of contention was a Standard Eight Mathematics Paper that her husband was supposed to collect from the brother, George Bosire. However, on arrival home Moseti did not find the brother and a quarrel ensued with the wife.

He accused the wife of having an affair with the brother, and in anger, retorted Achieng was free to marry her brother since he was financially well-off. Shortly, George walked in to find the two still arguing. After a brief exchange, they ‘resolved’ the matter and Moseti explained the essence of the exam paper.

He argued that he had been requested by an unnamed person to do it and if at all he scored 40 out of 50 marks, he was to be rewarded with sh.200 but if he failed to, something awful would happen.  After that he gave George some religious paraphernalia that had some writings which prophesied some unexplained calamity.

It is alleged that after some time, George left the room and the couple retired to bed. It was during their sleep that Moseti drew a knife and started cutting off Achieng’s breast. She woke up in shock and screamed for help. Moseti shot up and threatened to cut off his ‘transformer’ and then kill the baby. Achieng ran out to the neighbours to seek for help but were threatened by Moseti who dared anyone to come in.

He returned to the house and chopped off his manhood and threw it to them in protest.
“Chukueni hizo mak*** mkae nazo,” he retorted to the shock of the neighbours.

It was at this point that they called the brother only to find the bloody ordeal. After calling the police, the two were rushed to Thika Level 5 Hospital at around 4:00am where they were put on emergency medical care.
George and Achieng at Thika Level 5 with Museti's daughter

By the time we went to press, Moseti was still in the theater undergoing reconstructive surgery.

Confirming the incident, the matron in-charge Madam Gladys Wanjau, saying that the organs could no longer be used since by the time the patient arrived at the hospital, the cells were already dead. She added that doctors were arresting the bleeding and had managed to transfuse one pint of blood and were in the process of getting more. She added that the lady had had her breast stitched. She said that both patients’ condition was stable.

On his part, George said that he had just hosted his younger brother and the wife at his rented room in Kiganjo Estate for just one week before they sorted out their accommodation. Moseti had started hawking some sugarcane while the wife was selling some njugu karanga. He said that he was shocked beyond words and only wished them quick recovery.

Mrs Wanjau talking to the press
Achieng, who is an orphan, prayed that that they recover and sit down with her husband, seeking for a solution to their misunderstanding though she still feared for her life.

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