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This man was spotted by the Thika Town Today Paparazzi cleaning the window panes to Kitamaiyo House along Uhuru Street, early Monday Morning in total disregard to his own safety.

Many people especially construction workers engage in many activities that may expose them to serious hazards, such as falling from rooftops, unguarded machinery, being struck by heavy construction equipment, electrocutions, silica dust, and asbestos. Employers should always assure safe and healthful working conditions for their workers by enforcement of the standards developed under the the construction labour of Kenya.

Such a worker is displaying the kind of ignorance most of the Kenyan populace have live with on a daily basis. There is great need for safety awareness especially among workers and employers about the hazards of falls from ladders, scaffolds and roofs. Workers who are six feet or more above lower levels are at risk for serious injury or death should they fall.

Falls can be prevented when workers understand proper set-up and safe use of equipment, so they need training on the specific equipment they will use to complete the job. To protect these workers, employers must provide fall protection and the right equipment for the job, including the right kinds of ladders, scaffolds, and safety gear.

 When working from heights, employers must plan projects to ensure that the job is done safely. They can begin by deciding how the job will be done, what tasks will be involved, and what safety equipment may be needed to complete each task. They should also include safety equipment when estimating the cost of a job and plan to have all the necessary equipment and tools available at the construction site. For example, in a roofing job, they can think about all of the different fall hazards, such as holes or skylights and leading edges, then plan and select fall protection suitable to that work, such as personal fall arrest systems (PFAS).

Employers must train workers in hazard recognition and in the care and safe use ladders, scaffolds, fall protection systems, and other equipment they'll be using on the job.

The Government authorities assigned to such departments should also be more vigilant so that careless loss of lives from falls can be prevented.

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