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The Department of Social Services Kiambu County, with the help of Hospital Ward MCA Mwangi Wamwangi on Saturday rescued a an old lady who had been ailing in the house for quite a while.

Madam Lispa Wairimu Kimani from Ofafa Estate Thika, has been sick for over two years but could not get proper medical attention due to lack of money and the absence of any member of her nuclear family to take up the issue. Her plight was brought to the attention of the Social Welfare office by good neighbours who noted her health deteriorate to a point of not being able to get out of bed. Her son and daughter, who both stay with her, are of unsound mind thus cannot offer any tangible assistance to their ailing mother.

The neighbours have been assisting them with the little food they had in order to sustain them. When they realised that health was getting worse, Members of Wonderful Bar Group contacted the area MCA and Mr. George Wanyoike, the Thika Sub-County Welfare officer. The team from the office accompanied the MCA for a fact finding mission, to ascertain the truth of this matter.

On assessing the situation, they realised that the mother was in a very critical condition to a point that she was both paralysed and could not be able to talk. J BEE immediately made arrangements for the County government ambulance as good samaritans cleaned her and changed her clothes.

They rushed her to the Thika Level 5 Hospital where she was immediately admitted.

When talking to Thika Town Today Sunday Afternoon, Mr. Wanyoike said that their office had lodged investigations to see if anyone had taken advantage of the poor lady's predicaments to transfer the ownership of that house without her consent since it was rumoured that some people might have acquired that house through fraud. So, they made sure that they had blocked any transaction involving that premises.

They are also trying to find out if this former Del Monte employee, owned any property that unscrupulous people would swindle her off.

Mr Wanyoike said that they are liaising with the relevant department to ensure that the house got her roof repaired since it had broken down and was leaking. He is also seeking how the rest of the family members can be assisted in any other necessary ways.

He thanked J BEE for his quick response and prompt action that made the whole exercise succeed very fast and without any hitches. He also thanked the neighbours for their gesture and their good neighborliness.

Mr. Wanyoike was accompanied by Simon Kamau in the rescue mission.

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