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MCAs, Hon. Mwangi Wamwangi (Hospital Ward), Florence Ngeru (Nominated) and Hon Kioi (Murera Ward) on Friday 1st January 2016, joined other people of good will from Thika Town to celebrate new year with the inmates of GK Prison Thika.  

Flanked by Ngogoyo 237 team, International Professional Counselors Centre, Lil Magic Events Planners, B-sounds Entertainment and Thika Town Today, they shared foods and drinks with these brothers and sisters in custody.

It was a holiday to remember for these inmates for they enjoyed that rare moment to eat bread,chapatis and tea. They had juice to sum up the menu and usher in the new year in style.

Just as they had promised, J BEE and Flozie gave the prisons two Flat Screen Digital TVs that they, with the assistance of friends and well wishers, had bought for the prisoners. J BEE also presented several beds to the Women's Section to ease the challenge of bedding within the facility.

While giving their message of new year, the leaders gave the inmates messages of hope and encouragement that was meant to inspire them into accepting the situation they were in and prepare themselves for life outside their jail term. They told them that this was just a passing cloud and soon it it will pass.

They managed to mobilise their friends who had accompanied them and were able to bail out several women inmates who were in custody due to fines not exceeding sh10,000.

On their part the Prisons Commander Mr. Samson Kunzu and His Deputy Mrs. Christine Mutisya, that the whole team for their kind gesture. They said that it could not go unnoticed to see people forfeit their new year holidays to come and share with the inmates. They also added that they were humbled by the generosity of the Thika people adding that this was one way of helping to reform these inmates.

"When these people see you appreciating them in the state they are in, it will help them to accept you and eventually ease their integration back to the society," said Mr. Kunzu.

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