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KENYATTA HIGHWAY (PART II)- Is There Some Light At The End Of The Tunnel? (PHOTOS)

After more than eight months of nagging traffic jams and inconvenience in travels, Kenyatta Highway near Gatitu Junction is now taking shape. The contractor has now opened one side of the road though the road is not yet tarmacked.

Though the jam has eased somehow, Thika resident still wonder if this project will be completed in time. The road has been scheduled to be complete by March though it is about 60% done.The residents are unhappy over the delays in the completion of this road that are causing businessmen to incur huge loses and inconveniencing so many people who use these roads. For instance, Kenyatta Highway sees an average 50,000 road users each day.

The construction of Kenyatta Highway has since its inception has been a pain in the back for everyone. It is apparent that the contractors had prior instructions to buy time.

 The upgrade of this Sh221 million Kenyatta Highway to a dual carriage way was aimed at addressing the problem of traffic jam especially at the Gatitu entrance. With plans to have Karatina Road that passes through The Thika GK Prisons constructed, this will further ease the burden of traffic in and out of town. Another road set for expansion is Haille Selassie Road that offers Thika's outlet towards the Blue Post Hotel.

Traffic snarl-ups have been the order of the day in Thika Town especially during the morning and evening hours as people are either heading or leaving their places of work.

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