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Hospital Ward MCA Hon. Mwangi Wamwangi has extended an olive branch to anyone they might have crossed ways in the course of executing his duties saying that being the people's representative, he held no grudges with anyone. He apologised to any person that he may have erred against adding that he was not out to fight anybody regardless of their political stand. 

Wamwangi was reacting to accusations by some of JAMOFASTAR members who accused him ignoring their plight and abandoning them instead in their time of need. He said that he fought for the 15% increment of the 2009 rates in the Assembly till its very end. He added that the sh.1,000 rent that was agreed upon by the Assembly for Ofafa, Starehe and Jamuhuri Estate tenants had been arrived at after it was compared to what their counterparts in Ruiru Sub-County were paying to the County Government of Kiambu. It is for this reason that Assembly declined their plea to continue paying the sh.750 house rent that they were previously paying.

He also said that the Assembly was also not happy in the way that the team that was sent to hand over their MOU handled the situation. According to the committee that was handling that issue, the JAMOFASTAR officials acted in contempt and in total disregard to the county officials.

Otherwise, he said that he was not in the forum to defend anyone's misgiving but to seek some remedy to the issues at hand. He argued that both himself and JAMOFASTAR were fighting for the same people and he saw no reason for them to draw swords against each other. The difference he said might have been ideological and in the methodology. 

According to him, he had opted to fight the battle diplomatically, sitting down with both the governor and his fellow assembly members to come up with a working solution. It was through his efforts that he was able to convince his colleagues to allow these tenants pay their rent arrears in phases to avoid burdening anyone.

He concluded that in the three years he was in office, he gave his all by doing his best to serve them. He asked them to judge him with the results of his efforts at the end of his term adding that he would not waiver to work with all of them for the benefit of his people.

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