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Re-known lawyer and Kenya's second liberation activist Professor Kiama Wangai has said that he was open to any political position that the people of Kiambu County asked to vie for in the 2017 General Elections. 

However, he said that he would continue to fight against any oppression on the people regardless of whom it was coming from. Wangai said that his mission has always been to fight for constitutionalism in all levels of governance. It was for this reason that he joined other Kenyans to fight for devolution. 

"Every citizen has the right to be respected and consulted in all matters of governance that affected their lives. No law can be valid in this country unless it has allowed for public participation and their views respected. Therefore, any leader who is doing the contrary is contravening the supreme law of the land. We fought against Nyayo dictatorship and there is no way we can allow Nyayoism in the devolved units of government," he said.

While speaking in Thika where he was addressing the grievances brought to him by JAMOFASTAR Welfare Society, Wangai said that Kiambu Finance Acts of 2013-14, 2014-15 were all unconstitutional and those who had paid rates using the same should demand a refund from Kiambu County Government. He added that no one was supposed to pay any money to the Kiambu Government as at now since there was a court order suspending the Kiambu Finance Bill 2015-16 until its hearing and determination on the 15th of this month.

He added that they were still awaiting a tribunal decision to come up with the way forward for the rates tussles between the Kiambu Government and its people.

He said that the people of Kiambu needed to know of the powers in their possession adding that they still had the power to hire and fire. Their weapon was in their voter's card which if need be could be used to fire anyone who failed to live up with their sworn obligation. 

"Who said that you can't fire those who abuse their office? The secret is in your voter's card. You can collect signatures to send anyone packing," Wangai said.

He also appealed to the people to use their voter's cards to elect the right people come the next General Elections.

On the issue of the tenancy of the County Houses, he assured them that the county government had no powers to decide on their fate without consulting them. Even if they had to be evicted or otherwise, the Constitution of Kenya protected every citizen of this country, thus any action had to be executed in a humane manner. 

He concluded that due to the length of the tenancy of these people, it was only appropriate if the tenants were given an option to acquire full ownership of the houses.

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