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Thika chiefs and their assistants have for the last six months helped to impound 1013 litres of chang'aa and arrested 1667 illicit brewers in the fight against killer liqour. Among those nabbed and arraigned in court was a very notorious chang'aa brewer who was caught packing 70 litres in polythene papers, while hiding in a hole.

During the same period, 87 bhang peddlers were nabbed, the most recent being in Makongeni Phase 12 where 150 'stones' of bhang were intercepted before being distributed to other peddlers. 

These stats were released by Thika Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Jeremiah Mwai Gicheru during the 52nd Jamuhuri Celebrations in Thika Sub-County Stadium. He praised his junior officers for their efforts to fight illicit liquor and reduce crime. This, he said, was made possible due to the co-operation between them and the members of public who tipped the administrators about these vices. The DCC vowed that his officers would not relent and would continue with the fights against crime and illicit brews until these wars were won.

Mr. Gicheru warned the public that during this festive season, his office would not tolerate irresponsible alcohol consumption adding that he would liaise with the police to re-introduce Alcoblow  in order to net drunk drivers. 

"We will not allow people to die as a result of drunk driving. As for the parents, your children are looking upon you to be good role models. It is wrong to keep alcohol at home as this will tempt your kids into experimenting with it," he said.

Mr. Gicheru also warned that commercial sex workers and street urchins were a threat to security too. He said that these groups were in the rise especially the former who were now preying on the people who visited the town after receiving their tea or coffee bonus. 

He warned that he would organise police swoops to net the two groups of people. During swoops on commercial workers, he directed the police to arrest both the sex workers and their clients. He added that arrangements were in place to take street kids to a 'holding ground' so as to ease the process of sorting out these chokoras and taking those with living parents back home.

As for the bar and liqour distributors in Thika, the DCC informed them that his office, in conjunction with Kiambu County Government, had now constituted a Liqour Licensing Committee that would vet and license them beginning Monday next week. He warned them that only those who met the laid down conditions would be licensed to sell liqour. 

He called on the business community, the church and the members of public to join hands with the authorities to ensure that we succeeded in their endeavors.  He said that the war on crime could only be won only if the public provided the authorities with the relevant information that would help nab criminals.

He cautioned Thika residents to be extra careful while employing people in their homes. Siting an incidence that occurred yesterday where a watchman colluded with thugs to rob their employer, Mr. Gicheru asked people to thoroughly vet potential employees, including taking their finger prints on admission.

Those preparing for night parties especially during this festive season were advised notify the police so as to avoid being ambushed by thugs who were had now made a habit of pounce on unsuspecting victims during such occasions and 'Keshas'.

As for the El Nino rains, the DCC warned Thika residents that we had not seen the last of them yet. He asked them to report emergency and potentially dangerous situations well in advance so as to alert those concerned. He warned people against dumping garbage in drainage paths as a precaution to guard against flooding. 

Lastly, he advised Thika Town and the larger Kiambu county residents to take full advantage of the newly opened HUDUMA CENTRE. He said that the one-stop shop now offered over 50 different government essential services that used to give people a real headache. He added that the facility had enough customer care desks to serve many people at a go and their services we quite fast and friendly.

He wished all Thika residents a merry christmas and a prosperous new 2016.

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