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All elected and nominated politicians in Thika Town Constituency boycotted this year's Jamuhuri Day Celebrations to mark Kenya's 52nd anniversary of independence from Britain on Saturday. Save for Kiambu County TNA Coordinator,  the area MP Ms. Alice Ng'ang'a, all the six elected and two nominated MCAs from Thika Town Constituency were nowhere to be found.

Kiambu Governor was represented in the fete by Thika Sub-County Administrator Madam Rose Muthoni Kimani.

Thika Deputy County Commissioner, Mr. Jeremiah Mwai Gicheru lamented the low turnout of people in the occassion. he said that it was in such forums that people gather important information that was vital in their day-to-day activities. However, he thanked the few who attended the celebration for their patriotic gesture.

The few people we interviewed after the celebrations expressed disappointments with their elected leaders for shunning such an important function. They said that the leaders showed disrespect to the founding fathers of this nation who fought for the independence they were enjoying now.

Majority of them said that they felt abandoned by their representatives whom they said were 'missing in action' whenever they were called on duty. One of them actually equated the situation as being orphaned.

"You all these people who were here. None of them is a representative of the people. Hakuna mtu tulichagua hapa. Wale tulichagua sasa wanakula mbuzi na mabibi zao na kutuacha hapa kama mayatima. Sasa kama nataka jibu kutoka kwa mjumbe wangu ama MCa wangu, nani atanijibu. Disii hawezi jibu swali la Bursary!" he lamented.

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