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International Professional Counselors Centre today donated two water tanks to Thika GK Main Prison to help ease the scarcity of water in the men's section.

Led by their Directon Madam Susan Gitau and their chairperson Mr. Johnstone Kinyanjui, the institution pledged to work in partnership with the prison's authorities to ensure that the both the inmates and the wardens lived in a conducive environment.

Madam Susan and Mr. Kinyanjui, both Counseling psychologists, offered to extend their counseling services to both the inmates and the wardens. They argued that most of the crimes these inmates commit were out some psychological problem that noone was ready to help. They also said that both the wardens and the prisoners went through so many difficult challenges and there was a need to have a shoulder to lean on as they poured out their frustrations.

Madam Susan added that most of the mental cases they handled in their day to day work as well as several suicide attempts by former inmates and the men in uniform, were as a result of unattended psychological problems that can be traced back to the experiences they had within the prison walls.

She challenged all the leaders in Thika to make an initiative to ensure the youth, who were the majority in custody, are well taken care of to prevent them from engaging in crime. She appealed to the elected leaders to help those who lacked National IDs to acquire them and consequently seek ways to empower them.

Mr. Kinyanjui assured the inmates that theirs was just a passing cloud, just a season and was bound to pass. He told them that in life, there existed highs and lows and everyone was duty-bound to accept them and learn to live with every situation.  He discouraged them from picking up the bad habits they found among radical prisoners since each had his own life to live.

They promised to donate a tent to ease the problem of the inmates sitting under the hot sun for long hours
 especially during such occasions.

 The tanks were received by several inmates, flanked by The Prisons Commandant Mr. S.M Kunzu. Each tank has a capacity of 1,000 liters and had a lifespan of about seven years. 

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