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Administration Police in Thika have arrested four suspects in Makongeni's Phase 12 after they were nabbed with 150 'stones' of bhang with a street value of about Sh200,000.  The suspects included the suspect's wife, his brother and two others in the early morning raid co-ordinated by Makongeni Chief Mr. Daniel Waiguru. The owner of the consignment managed to escape while still handcuffed.

According to Mr. Waiguru, they acted on a tip-off from members of the public who had witnessed two bodaboda motorbikes bring two sacks of the drug to the house at around 4.00am this Morning. They immediately raided the home, managed to confiscate the bhang and arrest the suspects. Unfortunately, by the time the police arrived, the suspect had already distributed one of the sacks (approximately 150 stones) and was in the process of releasing this second cargo.

As they were searching the premises, the owner of the drugs, a certain Mr. Peter managed to run away and escape with police handcuffs. 

According to shocked neighbours, they had rarely suspected that he was a drug dealer. They said that he was a friendly and very social man. In fact, they claimed that he was a Sunday School Teacher at the neighbouring St. Matias Mulumba Catholic Church.  It was through such disguise that noone ever suspected him of any wrong doing.

It is said that the suspect used to transact business for just about an hour each day, in the morning and evening respectively, where bodaboda riders and other of his few clients would come and collect the bhang in very unsuspecting fashion. For the rest of the day, the suspect would assume very 'godly activities' that covered his evil background.

Mr. Waiguru called on the area residents to embrace the 'Nyumba Kumi' Initiative by endevouring to now each other. He said that the suspect has been in business since the year 2004 and had never been suspected by his neighbours.

The suspects were booked in Makongeni Police Station where they will be arraigned in court tomorrow.

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