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Following a story we highlighted earlier this week about the lady with unsound mind who was always walking with her three young kids, thus endangering them (follow this link: http://www.thikatowntoday.co.ke/2015/12/where-are-thika-thika-childrens.html), we are glad to announce that we were able to link up with the officials from Thika Sub-County Children's Office who were particularly very helpful.

With the assistance from Mr. John Karenge, a social worker at Action For Children in Conflict and Macheo Children Centre as well as a volunteer  at Ambassadors of Change, we were able to present her case to The District Children's Officer Mrs. Rebbecca Kariuki. She explained to us that due to the fact that there was an adult involved (the mom), the authorities could not snatch the kids away from her for it was against the law.

John Karenge, The man who took the initiative to have those kids get help
Therefore, the only alternative was to make arrangement with the relevant offices in Nairobi so that they can secure a shelter to accommodate both the mother and the kids, since the law does not permit separation of the two. It was also a necessity to have the mother get medical examination to determine her mental status before she was admitted along with other people.

Since the mother at times got violent whenever anyone attempted to interfere with her kids, Mrs. Kariuki informed us that the exercise shall also involve the police. She promised that this would be done as soon as she gets the go ahead from the Nairobi Office, most probably in a week's time.
She thanked all those who participated in bringing to their attention, the plight of those kids and their mother. She requested the members of public to always inform her office (Situated at the DC's Offices opposite Thika Arcade) or call The Children's Office Hotline Number 116. This line is toll-free.

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