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The Swahili people say, "Kutoa ni moyo usambe ni utajiri" (Charity is a matter of the heart not of the pocket). Benard Kiruri Jr. really fits that proverb.

Benard was born and brought up in Thika's Kiandutu slums. He was lucky to see through school and God blessed him with a job. Though he cannot boast of being very wealthy, he decided to commit part of what he earns to help solve some of the challenges the people of his boyhood home.

He fronted the idea to some of his business Partners from Nairobi  and decided to identify aaomeone they could help. They identified some four orphaned children who were left under the care of their aunt who is unemployed and struggles to raise them up. He visited her at her shanty and discussed with her of how best they could assist.

She told him that she had  challenges seeing them through school, feed them as well as meet their daily needs. The kids  had been attending school at Springs of Life Academy in Kiandutu Slum.

Upon returning back to Nairobi, they deliberated about the situation with his colleagues and decided that the best way forward was to have these children transferred to a public school where most of the necessities were being provided for by the government. From there, they would top up the deficit from their pockets and ensure that wherever possible they donated foodstuff from time to time. They have now transferred them to St. Patrick's Primary school.

Over the weekend, they visited the family and brought with them, school uniforms for the kids' new school and some foodstuff. From there, they intend to keep track of their progress in schiool to ensure that the kids successfully transit in secondary school.

These youth look forward to reaching more needy children by launching a program to assist destitute children in the slums with an objective of promoting and supporting them through education.   since our leaders are doing nothing about it.

They are appealing to members of public, especially of Kiandutu and other slums to join hands with them and help put a smile to the Ghetto kid.

He is challenging the local leadership to take up the challenge and help alleviate poverty within the slum by supporting such initiatives instead of politicking which is in line with achieving Vision 2030.

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