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Our Paparazzi team happened to pass over Makongeni last night and were attracted by the beautiful sight of Ananas Mall. When you first come across this great view, your eyes figuratively pop out of their sockets. You wouldn't at any given minute think we were in Kenya, leave alone Thika Town.

Without any doubt, this is actually one of the most beautiful night view in Thika Town and may be one of the Kenya's top ten night views.When turned on at night, these lights seem to create a landscape teeming with life as they invoke a sense of compassion in those who witness them. They appear like shining stars, with their lights gleaming in the night sky.

Someone once said that the night can sometimes bring one joy similar to hearing the waves roll in on a beach.This mall is no doubt a good place to enjoy your evening or the weekend, eating good food and relaxing. 
The mall during day time.
From day to night, Ananas Mall puts on a different face. The stoicism of the brownish buildings during the day makes itself over with the glow of the neon lights as the sun goes down. In the darkness, these lights illuminate the faces of Makongeni residents looking on from the periphery.

Diaspora imekam Thika nakwambia.

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