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One person died on the spot when a saloon car lost control after hitting a Kenya Mpya bus near the Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers Ltd (KVM)'s gate along Thika-Garissa Highway and flew over him as he was cycling on the edge of the road on Tuesday evening. Apparently, in the ensuing collision, both the bus and the car lost control and overturned severally.

According to eyewitness' account, the Toyota G-Touring van which had five people on board, was heading towards Makongeni at lightening speed. It is said to have dangerously overtaken an Administration Police LandCruiser which was on police patrol, from the wrong side of the road. 

Within a fraction of a second, it swayed towards the right so as to get back on the road, losing control in the process. This distracted an oncoming Kenya Mpya bus that was also speeding towards Thika Town from Makongeni. In the ensuing confusion, the car hit the bus on the side, resulting to both vehicles losing control and overturning several times. 

The car hit a cyclist who was said to be riding towards Kiandutu area, killing him instantly. The impact threw the cyclist for about 20 metres with his bicycle flying across the opposite side of the road. The car rolled over for more than 30 metres before landing on its roof. 

On its part, the bus swayed and landed on its side, blocking part of the road. The police officers who were in the Land Cruiser could only thank their gods for cheating death by a whisker. The bus almost landed on top of their van in the process. Luckily too, the bus had just the driver and his crew on board after all its passengers alighting at Makongeni Stage.

Speaking to the press at the scene of the accident, Thika OCPD Mr. Francis Muthamia, said that there was only one reported casualty. Three of the occupants in the saloon car were seriously injured with two of their colleagues surviving with minor injuries. None of the passengers in the bus nor those in the AP van was injured. 

The injured were rushed to Thika Level 5 Hospital. By the time our team left the scene at around 7:00pm, the body of the deceased was still lying on the spot, attracting a curious crowd of shocked wananchi.

The accident caused some traffic snarl up along the highway though the police managed to control it to manageable levels. 

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