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God, just tell me it is not true! Just tell me that I am just making a mountain out of an ant-hill. Convince me Lord that these are just my imaginations because if at all my senses are right, my nostrils can smell human blood from a far. 


If our leaders and the authorities continue taking the Madaraka Market issues so casually as they are doing now, I can foresee bloodshed. There are looming deaths and it is real. Believe you me, it does not call for a rocket scientist to sense the volatile nature of the issue at hand. 

To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed.......

Barely 48 hours after some hired goons set Madaraka Market on fire, another gang (still suspected to be the same group) stormed the facility at around 10 am Tuesday morning and attacked the traders as they were busy selling their stuff. Normalcy seemed to have returned to the market with a good number of them picking up the pieces and displaying the little they had for sale.

Suddenly, a group of about 50 youth or so, all armed with pangas, bows and arrows stormed the market bailing for the traders' blood. Hell broke loose with everyone running for their dear lives. Luckily for the traders, all the market walls had been felled the previous morning, making it possible for everyone to have an easy exit.

Within no time, the traders re-grouped and confronted their attackers. They started pelting them with stones from all directions. The fight that ensued took over 40 minutes before the youth were overwhelmed by the traders who by now were getting assistance from the members of public. The police eventually came, forcing the goons to retreat into the thin air.

Area MP Hon. Alice Ng'ang'a, Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi, Kiambu County Commissioner Mr. Alex Ole Nkoyo along with his security team calmed the angry traders before the police promised to accord them with security. It was agreed that a contingent of police officers would keep vigil in two vans moving around the market area. The police warned that whoever defied the call for peace would not be spared by the bullet.

The reality is that Madaraka Market's situation is currently very tense and if it is not checked, the possibility of bloodshed and eventual deaths is imminent. 

It is alleged that the attackers, majority of whom are known to the traders, were loudly swearing to the traders that at no time would they allow business to resume in the market. They are said to be boasting that they were on some payroll, with direct instructions to disable the operations of the market to a complete halt. They promised the traders that they would not tire to attack them adding that their financier(s) were ready to go to great lengths to ensure that everyone left the market premises.

On the other hand, the traders have vowed to soldier on, even if it meant dying in order to save their only source of livelihood. They swore to even spill blood in the defense of their property. If the worse goes to the worst, I can foresee the aggrieved party ganging up to smoke their attackers out of their homes, a situation that can result to massacre. 

How else do you explain the dare devil attack and torching of Kamenu MCA's home on Sunday afternoon? Don't you read a people in anger? People who are ready to go to any lengths to be heard? If the Sunday incident didn't send a clear message, even to the other leaders, then I fail to understand what will.

Revolutions and massacres start as simple acts of violence and if they ain't contained in good time, they escalate into something even the authorities won't able to control. Our leaders should therefore watch what they say not unless they want their words are taken out of context by the people leading to deadly confrontations that may result in bloodshed. 

As for the financiers of these heinous acts, be warned not to start a menace that will later consume you. Whoever you may be or for whatever reason this may be, there are a 1001 other ways to work out the solution to this impasse. You just got to be civilized in your reasoning. If at all you happen to be one of our leaders, Thika people are begging you to just make mature and informed decisions as a leader because if we all die in order for you to rule, what will you gain in return. Stop being primitive and mediocre. Think big! Think like a leader!

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