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Kamenu MCA Madam Elizabeth Muthoni Hussein is counting substantial loses as her 3-bedroomed house in Kamenu Residence, Makongeni and car were early this afternoon reduced to ashes.

It all started in the morning at the Madaraka Market when some angry youth protesting against the torching of the market, allegedly by Kiambu County Government authorities, started getting rowdy and violent. As people were busy getting into terms with the loss of millions of shillings in property and money, these boys started misdirecting their anger on the Market walls. They pulled them all down and then decided to proceed to the busy Thika-Garissa Highway.

They blocked the road, virtually paralysing mobility. They then ganged up with others from Gachagi, Umoja and Madharao and started lighting borne fires along the road. They would hijack motorists and motorbikes, siphon petrol from their engines and later use it to light the tyres on the road. They blocked the entrance to the market near Posta, the B.A.T. junction as well as Polysack.

Then there was this word going round that their local MCA had a hand in the whole matter. It was claimed that Hon. Muthoni was in support of the demolition and eventual eviction of the traders within the market, to pave way for some private developer. They alleged that she was quite aware of last night's operation and had no objection. The allegations stated that the traders would then be relocated to Kang'oki where the new market would be put up by the Kiambu County Government.

This version of the story spread like bush fire and within no time, the boys were bailing for the MCA's blood. They mobilsed their colleagues and headed straight to Polysack where they broke into Muthoni's soda deport, stole the sodas and empty bottles before torching the store.

They then proceeded straight to her home at the Kamenu residence, broke into the gate, entered the compound and burnt both her house and one of her cars. By the time our team arrived at the scene, the car had already been reduced into a shell with the house already on fire.

Shortly, as the members of public were helping to put off the fire so as to avoid it from spreading into other houses, the police arrived and helped to control the curious on lookers who were already making it hard for the fire to be put off. The County Government fire fighters arrived some minutes to 1:00 o'clock when the house was already razed to a point that its walls were almost collapsing. Luckly, they managed to contain the fire before it spread to the neighbouring houses.

At the time of the attack, Muthoni was not at home with some people claiming that she might have gone to church. Those who were said to be in the house at the time left unharmed. Otherwise, nothing was salvaged in the house.

One suspect was arrested at the scene of the fire.

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