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As Kenyans celebrated Mashujaa Day early this week, Thika youth leader Mr. Zack Mwangi has challenged all those in current leadership positions emulate our freedom heroes and heroines who fought selflessly to ensure we enjoyed liberties we were enjoying today. He said that it was through their patriotism and love for their motherland that we today refer them as Mashujaa. 

"You people in leadership, what will Kenyans say of you 50 years down the line? Will they celebrate you for your role in making their lives then better or will you be remembered for how you looted the national coffers for you own selfish gains? What are you doing for the generations to come? he questioned the leaders.

He lamented that majority of the current crop of leaders were full of themselves and only sugar coated their deeds to hoodwink the wananchi and cover their ills. 

Citing the example of our freedom fighters, who he said were selfless and who focused on achieving a bright future for us when they fought the colonialists, he said that it was quite sad that the current generation only thought of themselves; a Me Myself & I mentality. This, he added, was the reason our country faced a myriad of challenges. 

He called on the authorities not to relent on the fight on illicit brews and substance abuse since it was slowly but sure sneaking back. The youth had started going back to alcoholism after the stroke wave subsided.  

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