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The chairperson of Thika Community Policing Committee Bishop Ezekiel Karanja appealed to all Thika residents to take personal responsibility in containing insecurity in Thika. Saying that security start with each one of us, Bshp. Karanja asked the residents to always report suspicious persons and activities to the authorities in good time so that we can win the war on crime.

He appealed Thika residents to embrace the 'Nyumba Kumi' initiative by ensuring each one knew their neighbours. He called for more co-operation between raia and the police saying such actions would improve security in the area.

Even though he praised the police for their efforts in fighting crime, he informed Thika Deputy County Commissioner of the emergency of a terror gang dubbed 'Gaza' in Makongeni that was attacking and robbing people with impunity along Kakuzi Road in Makongeni and around Amboseli Institute. 

He also talked of the numerous attacks that were being reported between Adson Pub and Chania Girls High School on your way to Blue Post Hotel. He said that the road was a no-go zone especially at night, thus the need to improve on lighting and police vigilance and patrols. 

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