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Gachagi, Madharao, Kiandutu and Phase 5 in Makongeni have been identified as insecurity hotspots in Thika Town due the emergency of petty crimes, muggers as well as violent crimes in this areas. Gachagi, Kasarani and Kiandutu have also been identified as notorious illegal brew dens that serve as the supply sources to other regions in Thika Town.

This was revealed at the Thika Sub-County Stadium by the area Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Mwai Gichero during the Mashujaa Day celebrations. He said that his administration and the security team in the area would not relent until they contained these two vices in the area since they were detrimental to providing a peaceful, conducive living and working environment. 

He cited various business persons and criminal elements in the region who were notorious for the sale of illegal brews and drugs. Calling some of them by their names, the DCC told the congregation that his office would do everything possible to ensure that these criminals close business and sent behind bars for their crimes.

He appealed to Thika residents to embrace the 'Nyumba Kumi' initiative and community policing by working with the authorities to stop crime. Through his powerful message of the day that called on everyone to take personal responsibility to fight the vices in the society, Mr. Mwai warned them that failure to report crime  only worked to their own disadvantage. He added that by turning a blind eye to crime, the people only made the situation worse, thus exposing themselves further to being the next victims to these crimes. 

He too, lamented of poor flow of information to the relevant security organs that was deterring the fight against crime. He therefore called on all the registered groups and associations as well as elected leaders in Thika to meet his security team so that they could deliberate on the way forward.

"Ona-sema, Sikia-sema should be what every resident should do in order to rid off these criminal elements amongst ourselves. The police or these chiefs cannot be everywhere. It is therefore your duty to report those you suspect amongst you to them so proper steps can be taken to ensure your own safety," he said.

He called on all landlords to co-operate with the authorities by revealing to them the identities of their tenants whenever they were requested to do so by the authorities. Failure to do this only exposed themselves and other law abiding tenants to the wrath of these criminals. 

He called on Thika motorists, especially the PSV drivers to obey traffic rules since some of their actions were the reason Thika was ever experiencing traffic jams. Bar owners too were asked to ensure that their joints never entertained minors nor sold alcohol to these kids since his administration would act very harshly on them if at all he got wind that any one of them ever did so.

On El Niño preparedness, he called on the relevant departments to check on the drainage systems especially where people had built houses on waterways to avoid incidents like the one that was experienced in Kiganjo Estate last week. He asked everyone to take personal responsibility by avoiding dumping garbage on drainage canals thus causing them to block. He notified the audience that excavators were already on site in Kiganjo to clear the drainage so that storm water did not stagnate to cause losses or damage to people's property.

He concluded by asking those who hadn't yet registered for national IDs to do so and especially now, that they could take advantage of the mobile centres that were being availed to them. He said that this exercise was free and they should report any government officer who solicited for bribes so as to discharge their duties. 

He took the opportunity to inform the residents of Thika Town and it's environs that the Huduma Centre opposite Thika Stadium will soon open its doors and bring more government services nearer to them. He asked them to take full advantage of this facility when it starts being operational.

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