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The pastor in charge and the worshippers of this church woke up to a rude shock Friday morning after they found their place of worship pull down and some property stolen. 

It is alleged that a group of about thirty armed hired goons struck and started demolishing the church at around 3:00am Friday morning. They tore down the mabati structure, destroying furniture and stealing any valuables they came across in the process.

It is said that the bone of contention is the piece of land the church stands on. A different owner of Somali origin is said to be claiming same plot measuring less than 20X60 . After the two 'owners' failed to come to a compromise, the Somali 'owner' is said to have hired the thugs who accomplished his mission early Friday morning.

This morning, we found some men digging holes meant to fence off the plot with a clear intention of keeping the churchmen away.

The plot, which borders UMMA University from behind, is one among numerous plots that are built in what clearly shows that they are on a road reserve. The already finished buildings are all build dangerously under electric lines. It is in the same reserve sometimes last year where a construction worker was struck dead by electricity when he accidentally touched the KPLC lines hanging dangerously on the building they were constructing near Makuti Bar in Bus Park Trading Centre.

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