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Just as we had predicted in one of our previous post, Thika was ill prepared for the El Niño rains. The situation in most areas we witnessed this morning after just a few hours rain last evening, painted a very gloomy picture of what we should expect when these rains hit the ground proper.

There were so much stagnant water that lacked way downstream. Many drainage canals were blocked and could hardly drain the water.

Rain water at the B.A.T. junction along Garissa Road, where they are constructing the footbridge, had no outlet and had formed a pool, an indication that it will be worse for everyone sooner or later. The situation throughout this road towards town was not much better especially at the railway crossing near Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers (KVM). This spot is notorious for its flooding and this time it is bound to be worse.

Kenyatta Highway, as expected, is another hotspot. The situation along Kimathi Estate was pathetic and a pain in the neck for traders plying their trade along that street. Stagnant water and mud was the in thing there. When we visited the place, we found the contractor trying to drain the water into Kimathi Estate.

It was a similar scenario along the same road on your way to the Gatitu junction. Block water ways, still water as well as muddy road was what greeted us as we approached Tuskys Chania Supermarket. 

The contractor was desperately pumping away the water just to save the traders from further losses. The pavements were merely mud puddles that put off potential customers.

The CBD was not exceptional. The drainage systems in most parts of the town centre were either blocked or overwhelmed by the runoff. One could witness signs of how bad the situation was last night as the rain was pounding.

This only begs the simple question.... When will we as Kenyans ever learn? 

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