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The youth have been urged to avoid messing up their lives in their young age since history is very harsh. She advised them that messing today would result to them regretting later in life whenever their actions are brought to the table when they least expected them. When such revelations would mean them losing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Speaking at the Eton Hotel where she was addressing Thika youth and peace advocates on Monday when marking Peace One Day Celebrations, Vijana Against HIV/AIDS & Drug Abuse (VAADA) board member and Bungoma Magistrate Hon Washika warned them that ignorance was never a defense. She added that 'image is everything' and that the youth should project themselves with authority.

On security, she reminded them that it started with themselves. She asked them to be the ambassadors of peace wherever they were and avoid bad company which would negatively influence their behaviour. 

"Peace and security starts with you. You got to work to bring peace one day at a time. If security fails in our homes, it will fail in the society too. In that way, we all lose because we cannot invest or work in a conducive environment when we are not in peace with ourselves, our families and the society," she said.

"Associate yourself with people  of good reputation. Network early with positive leaders. Remember, if at all you will find yourself having your finger prints taken on any crime, including even those crimes thought to be small like being prosecuted for being drunk, your life will be ruined forever. Remember, the judges you see in your law courts don't enjoy sending people to jail but if the situation demands, they do their work. I know this ruins families, children suffer and even lose their future as a result," she added.

She concluded by advising the youth that patience was key to leadership. She asked them to be contended with what they have and walk one day at a time. They were asked to mentor their fellow youth to self empower, network widely and make peace. 

Above all, she pleaded to them to avoid alcohol and drug abuse since the two were key to the lack of peace at home. Alcoholism denied peace to the family because of very many reasons.

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