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A BMW saloon car early this afternoon burst into flames and burnt to ashes along Haile Selassie road near Thika Water and Sewerage Company's (THIWASCO) gate. The vehicle was heading to Thika Town from Murang'a with only two occupants on board.

Upon doing the road bump just after THIWASCO's gate, pedestrians walking towards Blue Post from Thika Town noticed some fire coming out of the engine. They alerted the driver who swiftly moved it off the road towards the edge. He and his passenger jump out of the car as the fire had now become more evident.

Good samaritans rushed to assist them to put off the fire. Since the fire was coming from underneath the car, they pushed it and rolled it on its side. They used all manner of methods to put it off but it was too late. The fuel tank caught fire and POOOOFFF! it burst into flames. Everyone ran for their dear life.

By the time the Thika Sub-County Fire engine arrived at the scene, the car had burnt almost into ashes. nothing was saved in the car as the flames were too fierce.

The visibly shaken occupants of the car were unhurt. An interview with the owner of the car was not very fruitful but were able to gather the information saying that this was the second incident in a span of one year to affect him. He said that another BMW car belonging to him suffered a similar fate late last year.

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