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It's lunch time in Thika and 25year old Man Kush *not real name* has just finished taking his favourite plate of madondo and ugali at  Mama Sam's Kibanda he has to take an afternoon siesta before heading back to work.

However Man Kush is faced with a dilemma, he is yet to decide where will he rest because the state of public spaces in Thika Town is appalling take for instance Mama Ngina Cresent along Commercial Street where street urchins have made a favourite hang out joint and Kristina Gardens where it's almost impossible to find any free space to rest.

A section of Mama Ngina Gardens in Thika.

An avid book reader Miss Kate has also undergone the same ordeal, "Thika Town has undergone numerous transformation in terms of business but they lack of well kept public spaces is quite discouraging," says Miss Kate.

Dusty,littered,and poorly kept lawns is what catches your eye once you approach some of the public spaces in Thika Town.

public space is a social space that is generally open and accessible to people. Roads (including the pavement), public squares, parks and beaches are typically considered public space.

Public open spaces in Thika Town have been increasingly threatened by congestion and deterioration as result of the rapid rate of urbanisation, poor planning and weak management.

Kristina Gardens Thika 
Just like most urban centers in Kenya the planning done during pre-colonial times was premised on the neighbourhood concept with ample provision of public open spaces. However, after Kenya attained her independence, the implementation of the most Master Plans was largely abandoned.
Public open spaces in Thika suffer from degradation, overcrowding and insecurity, thus denying town residents access to the much-needed recreation and leisure facilities.

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