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Makongeni chief Mr. Waiguru has called on area parents to take responsibility of their kids especially now that the teachers have gone on strike. He cited various reports of children involving themselves in wayward behaviour and associating themselves with bad company. He reminded that at this time, the parents needed to play the role of both the teacher and their guardians to their kids.

"This is a very sensitive period to both the children and to you the parents. You need to assume even the role of the teacher and keep refreshing your children's minds to still focus on learning. Always keep in touch with the whereabouts of your children just to avoid them into dangers and bad company," Waiguru said.

Mr. Waiguru was speaking at CITC Makongeni grounds on Wednesday where the elderly, persons with disability, orphans and vulnerable children from his location were being registered for government funding. He called on the community to notify the authorities of the needy cases so that they would be assisted.

On the on-going fight against illicit brews, Waiguru re-affirmed his office's commitment to crack it down to the last drop. He requested the members of public to keep informing their local administrative officers of their hideout so that they could win the battle on killer brews.

He pleaded with the sellers and brewers of the said brews to seek alternative ways of earning a living, otherwise, as he put it, their days of freedom were numbered.

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